Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Objects in the Background

It's funny how when you snap a picture, you often miss things in the background. I took a photo of this couple who were all alone in a square in Spain, quite early in the morning. They looked so happy. I didn't notice that in the background was a shop with wedding dresses, making a wordless comment...

By the way, has anyone else found that they are now being forced to use the very old, original Blogger interface - or else the new updated one?

I don't find the updated one user friendy at all, but the ancient interface I have used to post this is a pain to use,

It may be "one of those things" - I hope so.


  1. What a wonderful advert that shot would make for a wedding dress boutique. I think you should copyright it and try to flog the idea to Vera Wang.

    I don't like the new and improved Blogger interface either so soldier on with the old. However, the new two-word verification system for comments is a royal pain (ie. largely undecipherable) so I have eliminated that process from my blogs. Argh!

  2. A brilliant capture, Jenny!


    It just reeks of ROMANCE, and I adore anything romantic!

    This image actually looks like a still photo of a scene from some European romantic movie. At first, I thought it was taken in Italy, but when you said, Spain, I thought...of course, because Spain and Italy are two of my favorite European countries.

    I still use the original Blogger interface because I've gotten so use to being able to play with HTML coding whenever I post because Blogger never works right anyway. I've not use the new one, but I've heard the same as you just said, not user friendly.

    Other than the post editing feature on Blogger, everything on my blog is from a third-party import, because after 5 years of struggling with the templates and commenting system, I decided to use other systems that work.

    Have a great week, Jenny!

  3. Jenny, I have been on the new interface for a while. I did have to go in and change my comments from embedded to pop-up. I have no clue what I am talking about; it seemed to work. I had several complaints regarding the verification words. I had to revert back to the old to take off the verification. Wow!

    The picture is wonderful! It looks like it could easily be used in an ad campaign.


  4. Usually when I snap pix, when I look at them afterwards, I think to myself, "Man, I really should've cleaned the counter (or whatever) before I started snapping away!" lol

    I haven't tried the new blogger interface but I haven't heard anything good about it so far.

    I'm really hating the new word verification.

  5. The picture tells a very sweet story. I love it.

    I am not having a problem "yet" with blogger interface, however, I've heard that other's have. I hope it all goes away. There seems to be a glitch every few weeks and it drives me crazy.

  6. Sometimes a happy accident can enhance a work of art. I think this is happening in your photo. It's exceptional.

  7. formatting on tomorrows post is a bit off, yes.

    LOVE how this post shows the inspiration we don't realize till AFTEr we've shot!

    Aloha from Waikiki
    Comfort Spiral

    >< } } ( ° >

  8. I agree with louciao on both counts.

    Love the photo and it does makes a perfect wedding ad photo. :)

    I find the new word verification on blogger a pain in the a** too.

  9. What a truly great shot. I'd probably have told a fib and boasted how I'd got it intentionally. Not really. Well I'm not sure... Now you've made me go all introspective about my honesty....

  10. They are a lovely couple, and I hoping life is good to them. As for Blogger it seems to run like a roller coaster...up and down and the downs go deep quickly...but then like you said, wait a day or so and then what ever was wrong or slow or not functioning seems to work its way back to normal.
    ...and the back ground in this photo is stunning!

  11. Jenny, I was thinking exactly the same as louciao when I saw the picture! You should do something with it.
    As for blogger - I am simply glad when I can read blogs without them constantly disappearing from my reading list, when I can leave comments without too many obstacles (yes, the two word verification is truly annoying) and when I can write my own posts without having to study computer science before.

  12. That really is a lovely picture.
    I went to the updated blogger to look at it, and then it wouldn't let me go back to the old one.

  13. It is amazing what we discover looking back at our shots, so many details we don't take in at first!

    I think black&white is perfect...like Doineau!
    Interface: you remember Jenny i told you that one of the reasons i changed for the new interface is that we will all eventually be forced to use it and the earlier the better for me! I think that they might discourage people now with the old one to force them to do the move!
    i am also struggling like so mnay people.with that nightmare Word Verification!

  14. That is a great shot! Would make a perfect ad, yes.

    I tried the new blogger once and didn't like it and went back. Old dog and new tricks, you know.

    I hate the new word verification and decided to stop commenting on blogs who have it. Am making a list, actually. Just can't deal with it anymore. It's awful! I agree!

  15. I left the new interface to drop the word verification. I have not gone back to the new interface...maybe later when the dust settles.

  16. I've stuck to the old blogger system.
    The new WV is utilising us- one is a jumble, the other a possibly real word, not necessarily in English. There is a reason for this, just can't remember it.
    I change them until I get one I can read!

    Beautiful shot. Meant to be taken, obviously!

  17. That is an absolutely beautiful photograph. It speaks volumes.

    The word verification thing makes me go cross-eyed!

  18. Hiya! I haven't noticed that about the Blogger interface but then I do post using Windows Live Writer and would recommend it. Uploading and formatting photos is as easy as writing an email! I have noticed that Blogger doesn't like me and is marking all my comments as spam so please check your spam box!!

    I really like this photo. You're right, it silently adds so much to this photo!

  19. Photos with surprises - how wonderful.

    I'm OK with the new Blogger interface, but the two-word verification system is dreadful!

  20. I didn't like the new interface so I'm sticking with the old.

    I too have removed the word verification and am sad to say I am avoiding blogs that still use it... simply because I can't decipher. I have explained but somebloggers are reluctant to change and I'm sorry about that.

    I loved the picture of the couple, well the whole scene really. I'm always hesitant about showing photographs of people just in case they file a complaint...lol.

  21. This looks like the cover of a romantic novel.

    I prefer the old blogger interface anyway.

  22. Beautiful photo. Talk about "a moment captured in time"! She's got the kind of chic that only European women seem to manage.

    I don't like the new Blogger dashboard either, and I've also disabled the new verification process! (I can't read those words. Too old or too stupid.) My blog still allows me to use the previous dashboard, i.e. the one that was standard just before the new updated one.

  23. Hmmm I note that he has his back to the shop, and doesn't notice where she is leading him......typical woman!

  24. It was a really lucky shot, I can't even pretend I got them to pose for it! I was just holding my camera when there they were in front of me. Click. Yes, Valerie, I too am always slightly nervous about posting anyone identifiable, but he has such a lovely expression that I hope he would be a nice person.

    Thanks for all the comments. I'm glad you like it as much as I did. And if I had noticed the wedding dress shop a few days ago I'd have posted for Valentines ! :)

    Yes, Ron, it WAS romantic even though it was morning - a nice little square, with the bright sun and clear sky and the sound of bells ...

    I've noticed that the word verification has suddenly become easier. Perhaps Blogger's noted the chorus of complaint.

  25. It is a beautiful picture. As for blogger, it is always a pain in the ass no matter what changes they make. I think blogger and facebook get together and have conversations about what can they do to make their users more frustrated with their sites.

  26. Serendipitous! This has to be one of my favorite of the photo's you've posted.


  27. What a lovely photo - maybe the wedding dress shop is where they were going? Or maybe they were on honeymoon:)
    I'd noticed that the word verifications are slightly more legible this last couple of days - I think a lot of people were having problems, I certainly was.

  28. I love serendipity that works!

  29. A very romantic photo. And who knows, maybe the woman even has some wedding accessories in that little shopping bag she's carrying?

    I've been using the same version of Blogger for five years. I tried a different version a few months ago, had huge problems with it and reverted to the old one. What really annoys me is the new double-wordcheck. I've now disabled it.

  30. What a perfect picture, you have a wonderful eye!

  31. What a beautiful surprise shot.I suppose he was not going with her in the bridal shop :))

  32. A lovely image :)

    I haven't noticed anything different about Blogger, but I haven't tried upgrading to the new interface, either.

  33. smiles...this is a great capture...and the wedding dress though not originally intentional def adds a nice touch...

    eh, blogger interface seems better than wordpress as i have tried both and i def like the old over the new...

  34. I really like this picture – the people, the shop and the misty colors. I am using the old Blogger interface as I could not master the new one.

  35. Hi,Jenny.
    This is a great shot. I feel as if I am seeing one page of a movie. It must be a romantic story.

  36. Hi Jenny,

    Love the photo - serendipity! It does have a movie still - like quality to it.

    I'm avoiding new blogger and sticking with the old. But I loathe the new word verification. I can never get it right on the first try!!


  37. I like this shot. We don't see the mystery woman's face, but know she wears stylish shoes. I can see the woman in a wedding dress from the way the man is looking at her. I haven't noticed any changes to the Blogger interface.

  38. Lovely photo! He looks so happy What would have been perfect would have been if her carrier bag had a very small logo for the wedding dress shop.

  39. It's all been said - so I'll just agree that it's the most charming photo.....and it would be great to give it wider use, greetings card, advert?

  40. You're so right about backgrounds, and this one is especially fabulous!

    I tried the new interface and did not like it, so went back to the old one. I also removed the 2 verification words off, they are too boring!

  41. Lovely picture indeed! I am now on the new interface after popping back and forth, I have got used to it now. Good luck, love Linda x

  42. oh jenny! it's like an ad poster!

    i've got used to the new dashboard after much initial resistance.

  43. More than a picture looks like a painting is beautiful, a picture or a movie poster of those posters we all had in our youth at the foot of our bed. A greeting.

  44. Everyone else has said all that there is to be said about such a wonderful picture.

    So far as Blogger is concerned you may find Mark's post useful at here

  45. This looks like a painting. It's beautiful.

  46. It is amazing what we discover looking back at our shots, so many details we don't take in at first!... really amazing and interesting...
    I'm looking forward for more photos like this...

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