Saturday, 28 May 2011

More Venetian Scenes

More aspects of Venice.
Just a corner of a park

Curious little bay windows overlooking a narrow street

Can't help wondering if the washing ever falls in.

The vaporetto stop - one was just due.

A cafe on a misty morning

It's striking how big and crude the cruise liner looks here

And those horses at St. Mark's - they're so dramatic.


  1. What curious little windows, like boxes on the outside of the house. I wonder what they are like inside.

  2. beautiful leaves i love them

  3. I don't know what the plant is, it reminded me of a virginia creeper but was not quite the same

  4. I love the different angles you use in your photos. Great pictures.

  5. I love the first two photos of the series and also your thought on the laundry falling into the canal! I would worry about that too!

  6. I hope to view the sea having a cup of coffee in a cafe on a misty morning. This seems to be cozy, relaxing place. I also love unique windows in your photos.

  7. Wow! nice place for kids to spend some quality time.


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