Friday, 23 April 2010

Icecream in Damascus Souk

Definitely one of the best iecreams in Damascus town. The shop is always crowded and it's quite a business to queue up - you have to do it twice, like an old fashioned department store!  I love the way he is hauling that icecream around.


  1. Ooh that looks incredible. I'm jealous!

  2. that's amazing - I've never seen ice cream picked up and handled that way

  3. Souq Hammadiyah is a great place – was that the Ice Cream shop with a picture of the Jordanian King in ? very nice place and deservedly busy

  4. Lovely pic! I remember that elastic Syrian ice-cream so well...

    The Arabic shop sign says "Bakdash" - these are the guys:

    (That Wiki page includes a link to a great BBC News article as well...)

  5. Enjoyed one of these last year. A memorable feast!


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