Wednesday, 4 June 2014

Rain, Press Releases, and a Small Competition

Been living a quiet life for the past week or two, trying to get organised before my next trip, which is to Austria, with another trip close on its heels. Not complaining but I'm a little concerned that I seem to be so much less organised than I was. Things pile up so I'm often worrying about how I'll get it all done. On the other hand, now I hang around photographing flowers  - like these on the balcony, after a fierce rainstorm. What do they remind you of? 

They make me think of elaborate fabrics to dress princesses up in....

Or palace furnishings.  Wouldn't this  (below) look sensational on a sofa?

Been working on press releases for the children's book launch, as the kids would love it if someone covered them in the paper.   Makes me think about all those press releases I don't even bother to read usually... hey, they're hard work to write.  

The syringes arrived today.  We're going to give each child in the class a "medical style" pen shaped like a syringe full of blood, apart from the fact it won't be sharp - and the blood isn't real.

Also received a couple of books to review. Here's one, below. I am afraid I haven't reviewed it though it looks very entertaining, from a quick read, specially for dog owners (which I am not).   

It's inspired by a blog called "Phileas Dogg," which describes itself as the only travel site written for and by dogs (thereby showing how important it is to have a focus for your blog, even if it doesn't always make sense.) :)   I'd like the book to go to an appreciative home so I'm doing a little competition. Just add a comment saying why you'd like the book. I'll choose a random name from those who are interested,  and hey presto, we will have a winner.   (If you don't want to enter the competition, that's fine, just don't mention it if  you make a comment). 

Still talking of dogs, I noticed a huge muddy puddle the other day into which this small, well groomed white dog suddenly plunged with joy.... to be dragged out by his owner a few seconds later, looking much less well groomed, as you see.

And also I noticed this (clean, I hope) little dog making itself at home in a shop window the other day. It positioned itself to get the sun while being able to watch its owner inside the shop. Is that a cushion it's lying on, or a garment later to be sold to an unsuspecting customer?


  1. The raindrops on petals are beautiful. They make me think of jewelry. Or of growing crystals which I remember doing as a kid.


  2. Perhaps the pup is the owner's dog. The owner's Skye terrier great every customer at my bird seed shop, and escorts us around the place. Until a new customer arrives, that is.

  3. "I'm a little concerned that I seem to be so much less organised than I was. Things pile up so I'm often worrying about how I'll get it all done". Oh, touché, Jenny, I feel that all the time! And I wonder if it's just because life nowadays is so hectic and so complicated or whether it's the first sign I'm going senile....

    I like the pen disguised as a syringe. Both original and educational.

    I think the dog's on a cushion. A very plump and comfortable cushion.

  4. Believe it or not, when I saw the photos of the rain-drenched flowers my first thought was of fabrics. The first two photos reminded me of a wedding dress. There were torrential rains here in West Texas a few weeks ago, and the result is an abundance of weeds.

    I like those pens that look like blood-filled syringes. It must have something to do with my vampiric Hungarian ancestry.....

  5. Beautiful water on flowers. The white dog in mud is precious!
    Have a great book launch!

  6. "Raindrops on roses"... :) (Sound of Music)

  7. Thanks Maywyn!
    I tried to figure out whose dog it was, Nick, without success. The shop was pretty full and the assistants busy. Perhaps the customers were attracted in by the dog :) Yes, I have sometimes wonder whether I'm less organised because my brain is going soft.
    Darla I used to think growing crystals was such an amazingly cool thing to do, I couldn't believe kids could really do things like that when I was small!
    Glad you spotted the resemblance to wedding dresses Jon. It was really startling to see them like little crumpled up fairies on the rose bush with the sun flashing off the raindrops. It's hard to catch the sparkly effect in a picture. So, yes, Joanne, actually they were also like jewellery, embroidered on the petals. The dog in your local shop sounds like a character. I love it!

  8. Bath time for the white dog--LOL! I would hope the other dog is the owner's dog and that is his spot. Many places do have a shop dog or cat, so let's hope that is the case. I don't need a book on travel of any kind, with or without a dog--LOL! But I bet somebody will love it! :)

  9. Jenny I do love those close up flower pics. The white ones especially put me in mind of flouncy, sparkly, dancing skirts. Here's more good luck for your book launch.

    I would love to be in your competition, because I'm thinking of putting some of my blog posts, where I wrote as Jade, into an e-book. So it would be good to see how someone else has done something similar if I was a winner.

    When she does something like the white dog in your photo, I put towels on the kitchen floor and a bowl of water and stand two legs at a time in it to wash them and her underneath part. Although sometimes it's best to take her straight into the shower.

    I've no doubt you will get it together for your travel trips and everything else. I am always anxious about getting everything done before I go away, but it always works out somehow.

  10. Our little poodle looks like that every's the rainy season and doesn't she just love wallowing! Somehow the subsequent bath dopes not meet with the same approval...
    I'd be in the little dog's shop[ in a flash, sure of a good atmosphere.
    The book sounds lovely, but of no practical use to me.

  11. Your rain drop photos are fabulous.
    Mine never come out that lovely I blame my small point and click... hahahahahahahahaaha Not the fact I really should learn how to use it.
    My excuse instruction are in Japanese. Son bought it for me on my last trip. But it is not my fault !

    Since my Scottie write a post on Fridays, they are very interested in any books written by or for dogs.
    They have a book that I am trying to finish all about them and my first Scotty Kirby.

    Also all dogs love to jump in mud or water puddles... so let the little cutie have some fun. She/he already muddy.

    cheers, parsnip

  12. Absolutely love the pictures of the water drops on the flower petals! I feel the same way about being organized - I always think it should get easier as you gain experience. But it doesn't - it goes up and down, back and forth, in waves, it seems. And I believe there is some sort of "law of the universe" that any trip is to be bookended by tons of laundry!

  13. Hello Jenny

    The photos and colours of your flowers are just fabulous and yes a fabric for furnishings would look great. Your dogs feet have me giggling. Sounds like you have a nice busy summer planned

  14. Your photos of the raindrop-covered flower petals are stunning. I could stare at them for ages.

    I'm not quite sure what to say about the "syringe" pencils for kids...I'm of two minds on that one.

    Smart tan dog...perhaps it belonged to the shop owner and that's its daily resting place (and its cushion)...okay...I'm looking on the bright side! ;)

  15. Love your photos of the flowers...beautiful and soothing all at once.

  16. Your flower pictures are luscious, like you could drink them.

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  18. I love those pictures of wet flowers.

    I would love to win a copy of that book because I don't know when I'll ever get to go back to Britain. It would be nice to have something to look at and dream about, much like when I read your blog. lol

  19. Petals and raindrops. They make me feel soothed. :)

  20. Hi Jenny, thanks so much for your visit. I'm a bit slack this week - been mucking around with google/blog/computer ... fun!! (not)
    You've certainly got an exciting time ahead of you travel-wise. The preparing pre-travel part must take a lot of time and energy - amongst your usual everyday living. Ah well, if your destinations are half as nice as your previous one, you'll enjoy yourself once there eh ;D)
    Great going with your Nurse Mabel book - ha ha, how about that syringe - and filled with 'blood' - oh the children will love that!!
    All the best, oh, and I did love that muddy dog - glad it's someone elses though! I agree with you about that doggie in the window - it does look like a bit of merchandise that's being utilised for a soft bed :D)
    Cheers now and all the best.

  21. How much is that doggy.... etc. I often wonder if shopkeepers use their dogs to attract a few aaahs and animal loving customers.

    I know what you mean about worrying that you/we won't get things done... I'm a list writer for that very reason. Oh the wonderful feeling I get when I throw one away... DONE.

  22. Beautiful raindrops on roses Jenny, I have been attempting to photograph rain and you found the perfect way! Love how they sparkle. The little white dog is so funny with his muddy feet - glad it's not me who has to wash him later!

  23. Austria is on my bucket list, so I'll be interested in what you have to say! And the flowers -- oh, they are SO beautiful! Nothing like raindrops on flowers, I think, to really capture one's hearts and imagination.

    Hoping that you can generate some hot press tips with the book. Given the 100th anniversary of WWI beginning this year, it seems perfectly timed. The kids would really love it. I'm reading a book called "Singled Out" about the lack of men after WWI and the effect of that on women. When marriage was "the thing to do," it became very difficult for what was called the "surplus women." Never really thought of that before -- well written. Focuses on several women, including Vera Brittain, whose "Testament of Youth" is just an amazing book, along with many less well known if known at all.

    Off topic. The dog book sounds interesting but it's best to go to someone who has a dog (and might be wanting to travel with that dog in the UK) than a cat person like me. Love the dogs, too -- but I just don't have a dog lifestyle! Too high maintenance! Clever idea, though!

  24. raindrops like glass baubles! Love the muddy white dog...having fun..for a change?

  25. I obviously, have something wrong with my brain, I thought that it looked a bit like an octopus. Hmmmmmm, therapy might be in order.
    I can't wait to read about all of your travels! Just pack a toothbrush, really that's all you need.

  26. There used to be a shop in Salisbury where the owner’s little dog sat in the window - so cute, and it certainly attracted shoppers’ attention to the rest of the window display.

  27. I know the feeling well of seeming to be less organised and constantly wondering how to get everything done. Today there seems to be so much more to do than there used to be. Or does time go more quickly as we get older? Eventually what does not get done doesn't seem important anymore.

  28. Unfortunately, the only dog I've ever taken on holiday just used to sit on the parcel shelf of the car, nodding. :)

  29. Fabulous photos! I love the doggy in the window - I would go in that shop just to see him! And the mucky dog - glorious! x

  30. I really love those raindrops on the petals - quite lovely :)

  31. I hope the dog in the shop window soon finds a home like the one the little white dog has.

  32. Loved all of these pictures- the raindrops make me long for a thunderstorm here! And just to let you know, I will not be blogging for a bit, but will be checking back in from time to time on my favorite blogs, of which yours is one!

  33. Great fotos! I am so glad I don't have a dog, especially that wee muddy one!

  34. I was going to say what I thought was obvious ie how much is that doggie in the window but I won't because someone else already has. As for your raindrop photos you have, once again, produced visually stunning images. I have no imagination so I simply saw the beauty of nature captured to perfection. By the way this week yet another visitor commented on the Malaga picture.

  35. Hello, Jenny
    Those raindrops on petals are so beautiful ! They are just natural jewelries.
    Here, rainy season has come.

  36. ha those syringe pens are amazing...
    those shots of the flower petals with water droplets are amazing...they would make a gorgeous dress....

  37. and yes, the pumps they just put in here have a 12 inch tv screen built in that plays entertainment news and such as soon as you lift the handle until you put it back down...ridiculous...

  38. Icebergs. That was my first thought when I saw your photos. Beautiful.

    Have a great week.

  39. Thanks for you birdsong comments on my blog. Just thought I'd drop by to say I've posted a post in response to what you said!

  40. Love that smart little dog in the sunny window.... dogs aren't dumb! comfort is their #1.

  41. Gwen, love the place you're renovating in your blog! And Dominic, I was so amazed at your dinosaur songs that I tweeted them. Wow!
    Brian, the idea of having to watch that junk even while filling with petrol makes me feel quite .... mmm, not quite sure what. Nothing good, anyhow!
    Tomoko, I hope you have the chance to take some beautiful "watery" images too in the rainy season.
    I'm glad the Malaga picture pleases so many people Graham, and I'm grateful to you for making it more widely seen. It's nice to think of it hanging in your place.
    I';ll look forward to you returning to your blog, Shelly!
    Adullamite and Patricia, I must say I was rather glad the white dog wasn't mine. The idea of washing it- ugh!
    Cheshire wife, I wish I could think that what doesn't get done isn't important, somehow it doesn't seem that way at present, so maybe I need to be less obsessive. Or take Valerie's advice and make lists. I always used to do this, not sure why I ever stopped.
    Sonya, a toothbrush - what a great idea - about time I started brushing my teeth :) Atually on this occasion one of the main essentials is a cycle helmet, which is much more inconvenient to pack than a toothbrush.
    thanks for your lovely long comment Jeanie. In particular I do think it's interesting to read literature of that period, it's so hard for us to imagine how it must have been with a great swathe of the males of a certain generation, just gone. Terrible, and so many women were left alone.
    Yes, Susan. I do believe that it was merchandise that the dog was sitting on. Which is good but actually some people are allergic, one of my daughters would really suffer if she had bought that item.
    Aaron, you are welcome to contact me through the contact button on the side, look forward to hearing!
    Stephen, a nice idea to drink the flowers... I know what you mean. Very evocative idea.
    Lee, your comment made me think a little, but the pens are really meant to be funny. HOpe the kids families see them this way, along with the joke bandaids and the candy in the shape of bones ... let's hope so ! ;)
    I'm going to end this comment and go on to the next one. What I tend to do is click on a link and then lose EVERYTHING I've written in the comment box! done it once, adn don't want to unthinkingly do it again ...

  42. continued..... Parsnip, I actually felt a little sorry for the dog, he had just really got into enjoying that puddle when his owner did haul him out. I'd probably have taken the line that he needed to be washed anyhow. he had been such a well groomed little dog ! Pixel Peeper, you are right, indeed, it is strange that we don't learn from experience. Maybe it's something like force of habit...habit can be quite destructive when they are established. I am getting around to thinking that Valerie's lists have to be the answer.
    I am glad you "see" the fabric in that image, Helen, it makes me think of a wondrous and very grand palace.
    Marilyn, I do like places where there is a pet who is a "character." I saw a wonderful cat in a food shop recently - they were sadly finding her a new home because of the difficulty with hygiene regulations. I can understand it but I was so sad I couldn't take her in myself, she was such a sociable little thing.
    Thank you Jean for the good wishes for the launch. I hope you win - I'm going to wait for a few more entries and will pick the winner in a couple of weeks at random. If I was a dog owner I think I'd read the blog, too, it's entertaining. I wonder if she writes special posts for the book or just uses stuff that has been published online. It shows how much nicer it is to have it as a book, I think.
    Rita, I cannot see Karma really liking that dog at all :)
    I think that's all the comments replied to. Oh I wish that I could alter the colours to make replies to individual comment posts - but I can't.So I hope I haven't missed anyone out.

  43. Jenny, those macro flower photos are stunning. :)

  44. Well I don't have a dog Jenny. But I have friends who do so I'll put in a further comment. The reason I'd like it? Because I'm sure my friends would benefit from taking a proper holiday because they won't go away without their dog.

  45. I do hope that is a cushion the dog is sleeping on! The white dog covered in mud cracked me up. Reminds me of my younger daughter. :D

    Love the water drops on the petals!

  46. Those flowers photos are just gorgeous.

  47. Ooooo... I love that you reread Alice so often. I love those stories, too. HATE the Disney movie version, though. Don't you?

  48. Oh no! I'm late to the table. I would have loved to have entered the competition - the book looks lovely! Your photos of the petals are really gorgeous.


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