Tuesday, 11 March 2014

Nothing Much

Sorry for the silence. I've been visiting people's blogs when I can, but my old computer died of extreme old age, and I've now got a new one, which I'm getting to grips with.    

I've done a certain amount on the travel front (see below) but largely I've spent time with the babies, and we're doing a third printing of my book Lewis Carroll In His Own Account.   The first and second editions were done using a conventional printer, and involved loads of money upfront for hundred of copies. From now on, I'll print just a few copies at a time. I should be doing more on other Lewis Carroll projects but really I have just been enjoying the Spring. 

The blossoms are out now

These are in Regent's Park

It's a good year for violets - there's a great carpet of these in the back garden

And on Sunday we went with V & N and had a picnic on Lincoln's Inn Fields 
which is in the middle of London's legal area.

Down a side street we saw this - weird dummies in unflattering legal wigs

They are in the window of a pub which several people have recommended to us, called The Seven Stars. I'll go soon, and let you know what it's like. 

The Tunisian trip was postponed due to flight availability problems.  I was re-invited on it today, but I'd literally just confirmed the trip to Athens and Kythera for almost exactly the same dates. Bah! I am disappointed to miss Tunisia, but grateful also to be going again to one of my favourite countries, Greece.

I've also got invited to a week in Tobago but the trip's entirely based in one resort, which can sometimes not be ideal.   But I've asked for more details, in case I'm wrong. Looks like a lovely resort anyway.  So we'll see.

Tomorrow I'm going on a first aid course with St. Johns Ambulance, something I've meant to do for years, how great I'm finally getting around to it, though I hope I never need it. 

So that's been my pleasant but uneventful week.


  1. Looks and sounds pretty darn eventful to me!

  2. You guys are ahead of us on flowers. Is the first one quince?

  3. What lovely photos, especially of the spring blossoms in full swing! It's great that you're taking a first aid course. You must be so excited to be visiting Greece. It's definitely on my wish list. Have a wonderful time!


  4. Even though we've had fine weather, we don't yet have any blossom. I have seen buds though, so I am optimistic. Hope the Tobago trip turns out to be more than stated.

  5. Lovely photos of spring-time finally arriving in London. Hope all your travel plans come together and work out well...shall look forward to hearing about them on the blog!

  6. Spring has definitely shown up in your area. Sounds like you have some good travel plans coming up. The first aid course sounds interesting too. I'm curious about what it entails (since I spent my entire career in the med. field)


  7. So, you are coming here, so nice! You know, I have never been to Kythira, I have traveled all over Europe but I'm ashamed to admit that I totaly ignore some lovely places of my country.
    I'll be looking forward to see your photos from the island!
    The spring blossoms are truly gorgeous Jenny! And I admire you to follow a first aid course!
    Hugs, Olympia

  8. Ah, Greece, lucky you, haven't been there in ages. Looks like with our daughter moving to Japan that we'll have to be planning some trips there.

  9. Your spring images dazzle. We're in the midst of a big snow storm where the most dazzling thing is the thick layer of snow on the tree branches outside my winter. It seems relentless -- winter AND this snowfall. So boy, do those flowers mean a lot!

    Too bad about the trips but Greece sounds great and I suspect Tunisia will materialize again soon enough. Yes, I can see what you mean about Tobago. Might be fun if you can get out of the territory on an extra day or two but it comes with its drawbacks. Of course, it could be wonderful -- I guess you don't know till you're there.

    Either way, you're keeping busy now! Happy week -- what's left of it!

  10. Oh, I envy you for your early spring and all the beautiful color that surrounds you. Our snow is melting this week and I am seeing the signs of better things to come.

    Then you have your trip to Greece, oh my, lucky, lucky, you!

  11. What beautiful flowers. And was that pub founded in 1602? I am so hooked on history that I would love to visit a place like that!

  12. Congratulations on your new computer (I think we ALL need one...) and the third printing of your book. Spring has definitely arrived in your neck of the woods. I can hardly believe how beautiful the blossoms are so early in the year!
    Alas, no blossoms here in West Texas. Only horrendous windstorms that kept me awake all last night.

  13. Lovely spring blossoms.....well worth taking time off from the keyboard to enjoy them.

    We used to play tennis in Lincoln's Inn Fields...and it had one of the old spick and span public loos with white tiles with a black line and highly polished metal pipes....

  14. Thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing the Spring pictures. I needed that more than you know! It snowed here AGAIN and its cold and yucky. Oh and I'm sick. Not that you really needed to know that but its all around depressing.

  15. Your flowers are beautiful. I'll counter with some of my own--when the snow melts and spring arrives. We seem to be having some of the normal ten inches of snow in March at this very moment. So, keep the flowers and sanity coming.

  16. I'm glad you've got somewhere to go after Tunisia fell through.
    Could those be legal death-masks?

  17. You spring is weeks ahead of ours - what's left of my garden is just a few sorry snowdrops, and brave catkins that have survived the storm-carnage.

  18. Beautiful photographs! I miss the UK in springtime and I've never been there.
    New computer systems grips are more gripes around here. I don't see the fascination with laptops.If it wasn't for Diane Keaton writing on her laptop at that gorgeous beach house,"Something's Gotta Give," I'd have packed it up and sent it back already.
    Have a great time in Tobago!

  19. I'm vicariously bummed that the Tunisia trip didn't work out...but there's no complaining about Greece, is there?

    Every time I see photos of blooming plants this timer, I'm left thnking, "Okay, so my part of the world will look like that in, um, THREE months." Ugh.

  20. That's the thing about First Aid courses; they're like insurance policies and good to have, and in the same way need renewing. Lovely flowers in the parks.

  21. So glad you will soon be in Greece and proper sunshine!
    The flowers and blossoms look great. Lincolns Inn always looked strange to me, maybe it was all the lawyers? That however is a great shot.
    Tunisia would be interesting just now but I don't think there is much but sunshine and bars in Tobago.

  22. I tried to comment earlier, but suspect Blogger swallowed it.
    What better excuse to leave the keyboard for spring blossom like this....
    We used to play tennis in Lincoln's Inn Fields....and there was a magnificent public loo, spick and span at all times, with white tiles and polished metal pipes...and a dragon in her lace curtained office.

  23. It sounds like you've continued to be so busy. Taking that class will give you peace of mind, and i also hope you never need it.

  24. Your flower pics make me ache for spring here in Portland, where nothing has bloomed yet.

  25. That lawn full of flowers coming up is so pretty. You don't see things like that here in Southern California. We have lawns and we have flowers, but the two are not usually taking up the same bit of land. The photo brings to mind many novels I have read about crocuses and daffodils coming up when Spring arrives. Your life seems quite interesting, with all your travel connections.

  26. Beautiful, colourful blooms. Spring is definitely in the air up your way.

    You may have had a reasonable uneventful past week (I love uneventful these days), but it sounds like that will change soon. I'll enjoy reading about your trips when the time comes.

  27. I always liked Lincoln's Inn Fields, a lovely spot.

    The legal wigs are extremely unflattering. I think there have been several attempts to abolish wigs altogether as being totally irrelevant to the legal process, but tradition always wins out.

    Good for you going on the first aid course. I bet the knowledge will come in useful one day. I think basic first aid should be taught in schools, it's something we all should know.

  28. I miss that time of year when winter finally gives up and spring breaks out all over...all at once. Here in Florida, stuff is blooming year round so that big change in the season just never happens.

  29. You have SPRING and i am still waiting! That is enough to keep you away from the blog! Enjoy!

  30. Beautiful spring pictues!

    I am glad you will be able to go back to Greece. How much you love Greece is obvious from the posts you wrote about places and people there. I very well remember the one about the group of villagers taking care of their small church, and sharing their food with you.

  31. Thank you so much for all the comments. The photo you remember, Meike, is one of my favourites too. Nick, I don't think the lawyers care if their wigs are unflattering, I think they just want to look special and a bit disturbing! and they are so traditional. I wonder if lawyers in other countries are also traditional. We went to the templar church in the Inns of court which they've been faithfully keeping up since about 1600 even though it's nothing to do with them!
    Thank you, Lee. And yes, I know what you mean about uneventful being good. I appreciate it myself. Sara, you have such lovely flowers in CA in the spring, maybe the lawns aren't exactly the same but I was blown away once by sheets of nasturtiums once in Southern CA which I never knew grew wild. Silly me! it's just that they don't grow wild here. Stephen, Jocelyn and all those still in the grip of winter, your time will come - this year has been a really warm winter for us unlike last year when it seemed it would never end.
    More comments soon.....

  32. Lucky to have those islands of green in the city.

    I wonder what the history of the Seven Stars is?

  33. As long as seen from this post,there’s a lot of interesting, exciting, and important things going on and I don’t understand why you call your week uneventful, Jenny. I love the red quince, maybe a little bit different from Japanese quince. Enjoy your springtime.


  34. I'm really enjoying spring this year. Maybe because we never ha d aproper winter in London or maybe because of the beauty spring brings with it. I'm relaly loving the blossoms. Beautiful pictures you have. Many thanks.

    Greetings from London.

  35. Beautiful flowers - I love violets in the garden, they're sturdy little fellows who smother the weeds :D)
    Enjoy the babies and your trip to Greece :D)

  36. Further confirmation that nothing beats spring in England. I'm going to have to revisit your country in spring, one day, one day ...

  37. I hope the third time proves to be a very profitable charm for your book.

  38. Great pics from your trip. The flowers and buds on tree trunk amazes me.
    Have a good trip in Greece.

  39. Spring flowers are lovely. Especially I like the shot of Lincoln's Inn Fields!
    Taking first aid course must be very helpful just in case. My residents' association gives reisidents a course of CPR, the procedure of heart massage or how to use AED (automated external defibrillatorin) in the case of cardiac arrest. I attended once. Once is not enough for me but anyway I knew what it was like.

  40. Just blogging around and found your blog. What beautiful pictures. If it ever stops snowing here, we might have some beautiful flowers too. Unfortunately we are expecting snow again tomorrow evening. I can't believe it, I think it will never stop.
    Thank you for letting me visit, your pictures brightened my day. Stop over and visit when you get a chance. Every blog you visit, is like meeting someone new.

  41. I always enjoy seeing your posts, and pictures, and hearing about all the exciting and fun things you find out and about, when you can!

  42. More comments. I have NOT been at my computer! wow, I'm getting so behind. Helen, your comment got held up because I didn't enable the first one in time, but you'll be glad to know perhaps that they stil play tennis there, although if they want to go to the loo it is a different story. There is however a cafe in the fields although it manages always to be closed whenever I am there!
    I don't really have a picture of Tobago in my mind, Adullamite. I haven't followed up on the offer of the trip properly, but I will if it is not too late!. Marilyn, I have taken the course and got my certificate, and yes, it does feel like an insurance. I still think I might be absolutely petrified if someone did keel over in front of me!
    Joanne, TEN inches of snow is the average in March? This sounds cruel!!!! I hope you have a good summer.
    Hmm, Judith. Death masks. Well, they certainly LOOKED like them - I really wouldn't like to come across them for the first time on a dark night!
    @Maywyn, I hadn't registered "Something's Gotta Give" but I looked it up and it sounded really good. I have this free movie streaming on Amazon Prime which I somehow found I'd signed up for. This seems like a good one to try.
    Shelly, yes the pub obviously was founded in 1602 although it will have had a new building since then, since as I recollect it the building was only about 200 years old and in any case, nearly every old house in the centre of London was destroyed in the fire of 1666.
    JOn, I cannot believe the horrible weather where you are. Sandstorms would so get me down.
    Marilyn, I do feel lucky, I am so excited about Greece and so thrilled at Spring being here, but I'm hoping that by now Spring has reached your part of the world too!
    And now I'm going to end this comment too, and I see I have more comments to enable, including one for our Mabel blog. I'm looking forward to reading and replying to them, plus others already printed.

  43. Comments, Mark 3!! Thank you very much for calling by Susan, and I will be returning to your blog. I'm having slight problems with the new computer in following, but I'm starting to wonder if it is to do with the scripts not being fully enabled or something.
    Sonya, hope you feel better soon. A stiff drink often does the trick. I even felt better after making myself some Grand Marnier pancakes with a bottle I had got in Duty Free years ago. Age only improved it.
    Jeanie, thank you for your lovely letter which I willl reply to as soon as I get my act together.
    Mac'n'Janet, I am wondering when your girl will be going to Japan. It does sound like a fantastic opportunity and I am envious of you.
    Ah, Olympia, now I know your name.... and I know the feeling of not seeing things in your own country. I didn't even get to see the Tower of London till some American friends wanted to see it, and I only went on the London Eye because a Japanese friend was so keen to go. Still at least I have walked up all the steps of Big Ben :) I am so looking forward to revisiting your lovely country.
    Secret Agent Woman, I do believe the red one is quince but probably a decorative one since I don't remember any fruits in that bit of the park. *scratches head* I am sure someone else commented on it being quince, perhaps that's one of the comments I have just read but not yet enabled.
    Darla - the first aid course was interesting. I'm hoping to mention it in my next post and then I will be able to answer more fully.
    Julie, I'm sure you would like Greece, from what I've seen of your blog, and thank you for the good wishes.
    There will be yet more comments soon. Boy, I wish I could alter the colours of this template, at present my replies to comments are stuck yellow on white, i.e. unreadable. It would be simpler to reply to everyone individually, and nicer too. I'll just see if it is different on this new computer....

  44. Fabulous pictures, Jenny. It's nice to see cheery blossom! London really is having some fabulous temperatures. My daughter said it was 20 degrees today there and I've just finished knitting her a hat and scarf set, ready to post down to her! It's bloody freezing today in Scotland!

  45. Your photos are magnificent. I hope I can do half as well on my upcoming wilderness trip. Wishing you well in the computer struggles of life.

  46. It is so nice to have a bit of sunshine in London, right? And having an uneventful week is just what we need sometimes. That said, your definition of 'uneventful' is quite, well, unusual, with travel plans and a first aid training. Just saying...You never stop!


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