Friday, 21 June 2013

Wot I Did This Week

It's been "scribble scribble scribble"  *   at my desk, and I haven't really got out anywhere very much.  Still, I'll tell you what I HAVE done..

First, since I haven't had a response from Legoland Windsor's customer service, (read my moan about it here)  I have tweeted about it @jennywoolf, here. I only have a few hundred followers since I don't use Twitter much,  but if you use Twitter, then please feel free to retweet or link to FB.  I think a few people have. I am told this often generates a response.

If they do respond, I hope they don't just offer me a free trip to "make it up to me."  In my work,  I've visited (free and paying),so many theme parks in so many places, and talked to those who run them. The good ones - I think Legoland likes to consider itself in that category - organise themselves to accomodate large crowds of guests instead of blaming them for the place being too busy!     And they check the attractions often to make sure they're not too decrepit or disappointing   And honestly, they should be doing it.

It is funny - I wasn't planning to complain, but since I have, I am now quite interested to see what happens.

Back at home, my favourite rose has been enjoying the lousy wet weather  - plants have a different take on the rain from us!

I went into the West End for some meetings, and on to the South Bank where I dropped in at an exhibition about the "Beano" comic, called "Beanotown"

It didn't have many kids in it - it needed kids in the play areas.  A lot of it was about the history of the comic, which was one of my favourites as a kid.

Good old Biffo. I used to be so pleased to see his face every week and it makes me feel rather cosy to be wished a "Happy Easter, Readers!" after all this time.

Saw the John Lennon Educational Foundation bus parked in a quiet backwater. I like the doodled logo of John. I'd never heard of this bus but it's dedicated to offering young people

"tours of the studios and participation in free songwriting and multimedia production workshops. With the assistance of three onboard engineers, students learn how to write, perform, record and produce original songs, produce and shoot music videos and documentaries and complete a broadcast quality music video - all in one day"

I was one of the youngest, which suggests that they were missing their market on this occasion, but I bet it's livelier at the weekends and it's a great idea.

I used an old handbag I haven't carried in a while, and in it I found a sweet from the lovely Southwold Pier which cracked me up just as much as it did the first time I saw it.     It's cut from a stick of rock - can you see what it says on it?

Edible Nuclear Waste.  That is one CRAZY PIER, but strangely,  its website doesn't give much idea of what it is like.  It's arty and original, and my favourite bit is Tim Hunkin's Under the Pier Show, a display of nutty and utterly unique machines. But the pier's also a good place to hang out, eat icecream or fish and chips, and just enjoy being at the seaside.  Definitely one of my favourite piers.

Oh I am also dealing with the aftermath of the fact that I couldn't go to France last week, as planned. I would have gone to a wonderful place called Blanc     Take a look at Blanc and check out its website.  (and the picture at the top of this post is also of Blanc, in fact, you might be able to tell where it is taken from if you look carefully at the larger scale photo).  It is an extremely old medieval village in the South of France, with amazing walks all around.   I did go last year so maybe another time I will make it again..

"This refers to: "Another damn thick book! Always scribble, scribble, scribble! eh, Mr. Gibbon?" - the remark made by the boneheaded Duke of Gloucester when presented with the first edition of the enormous  "Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" by Edward Gibbon.


  1. Hey Jenny,
    That doodled logo of John was drawn by John Lennon himself, I am sure you must know this, but I am telling you anyway!!
    Also, I remember reading your trip to Legoland... so sorry it has gotten so run-down!
    We went there in 1997 (our son was mad about LEGO) and it was the first week of April and it was wonderful! Everything so sparkling clean and all the LEGO creations were perfect. (The weather helped since it was very warm!!)
    It is one of our very nice memories for C., someplace in England that he went to with his English grandparents.

  2. That is a stunning rose Jenny. I love those old fashioned ones best. Sadly roses won't grow for me, I never have much luck with them.
    Loved the Beano (and the Dandy)when I was a kid.
    [In fact we have a rather large neighbour, whom we have secretly christened Desperate Dan..!]

    Blanc looks amazing, hopefully you can make it on another occasion.
    Good luck with your attempts to get the attention of LegoLand, their not responding to your letter is another symptom of their woeful neglect perhaps? I'm not on Twitter, but lets hope it catches their attention..♥

  3. I'm not surprised that Legoland didn't respond. Hopefully you've shamed them into thinking about cleaning up their act!
    Your rose photo is so lovely that I can almost smell the scent. No roses here in west Texas - only thorns.

    I like the Edible Nuclear Waste!

  4. There's a lot to like in this post -- your beautiful rose, fun with Beantown (We didn't have that here; I love the graphics) and the bus -- which is something I would LOVE to explore!

    Is it OK if I link your Legoland post to my FB page? May or may not get much play but you never know!

    I would LOVE to go to Southwold Pier -- the candy is a hoot!

  5. Blanc looks enchanted and enchanting. I went to the website because I was curious about the name - there is nothing "white" about it, but the website gives the most likely explanation for the name.

    I'm not familiar with Beano comics, but I imagine it was a bit like revisiting old friends.

  6. Gorgeous rose, amazing French scene...and hilarious edible nuclear waste!! Love the eclectic mix:) I've never heard of the Lennon bus either, what a fantastic idea.

  7. I love this eclectic post, Jennie :-) I am also sorry for you that you cannot make it to France. Blanc looks gorgeous! By the way, I have re-tweeted your tweet for you and am now following. I also only have a few hundred followers, but it's a bit like pyramid selling isn't it…or a ripple effect. I think I prefer the ripple...

  8. It sounds to me as if you have done quite a bit. I know nothing about LegoLand or the cartoon...though I do think the illustrations are precious. Hopefully you will find your way to Blanc soon. It looks like a wonderful place to roam. Have a wonderful weekend. The rose is breathtaking. Bonnie

  9. I did not know Biffo the bear, but the cartoon is so in the genre of my childhood. It made me smile. And the little nuclear waste candy episode happened right here, today. My sister turned her purse inside out looking for a card she picked up in a shop. My granddaughter went and looked in the truck and there is was on the floor. Lost treasurers.

  10. Have you posted that incredible picture of Blanc before. I seem to remember admiring it. And I've tried reading "The Rise and Fall of the Roman Empire" and I do think there's a lot of scribbling in it. Take care.

  11. Hehehehe, Beano is a gas relief here in the states......

  12. I loved the Beano....
    When do we read the decline and fall of Legoland, Mrs. Gibbon?

  13. Haha Doris.... it might indeed take a book! :)

    I think someone told me about Beano being a gas remedy in the US, Bonnie, because I posted once before about Beano years ago. Trouble is, its sister comic Dandy, wasn't quite as good... (though Sheila, yes, Desperate Dan was definitely the most memorable and my favourite)

    Yes, Stephen I think I DID post it before, after I visited. I always meant to write about it. I will try and find another to put at the top of the post, it's lacking a top picture this time. Meike, I too thought it must be something to do with "white" and was puzzled.
    But of course it wasn't.

    Jeanie, yes do link to your FB page, thank you!!

    Kay, I think the sad thing is that Legoland used to be much nicer, I always understood Miniland to be amazing and I think this is probably a recent thing.

  14. I may be a plant, this explains so much.

    (I love rain.)

  15. Wow...You do have interesting adventures...Beano in America is a gas remedy...Loved the bear.

  16. Edible Nuclear that made me laugh.

    Your rose looks beautiful!

  17. If the sense of humor that came up with the candy is any indication, that pier must be a worthy destination in itself! Hope you do get to go to Blanc next year, or maybe sooner.

  18. Hahahah I was going to post that Beano is for gas relief here in the states but Mamma Has Spoken beat me to it.
    Love all the photos today. just wonderful.
    Your Roses are beautiful I miss them. Roses can grow here in the desert but where I live I have to find a place where it is close for me to see but far from my home, in a safe spot because the critters, bugs, packrats and various others will live in it, eat it or use it to climb into the yard.

    cheers, parsnip

  19. That Lennon bus - what a great idea, and missed opportunity. It needs an adolescent to design the side of the bus, and to rock to the beat of music from inside. It might not be popular with the local retirement village - nor should it be. Seems such a shame if those running it are still grieving for the Beatles.

  20. Ah Hoe I loved the 'Bash Street Kids,' the 'Beano is the greatest of all comics.
    Tim Hunkin used to do TV programmes explaining how machines worked, with great experiments to show dangers and advantages. Excellent stuff. I would love to see those machines there.

  21. An enjoyable post, Jenny. It took me back to 'comic' days and the days when I ate sweets, and I'm wishing now that I could visit Blanc. You are right to complain to Legoland. I have retweeted your tweet ... hope it works.

  22. I tweeted your link when I read the article (though I couldn't remember your twitter id to include you in it) and it generated quite a lot of discussion. Hopefully they'll pick up on it and actually do something about it!

  23. I love the Bone-Headed quote! Was it the same person who, on being given a book, said,'But I've already got one?'

  24. Hello Jenny

    I loved the comic Beano too and no doubt it brought back wonderful memories and feelings. We could hardly contain ourselves waiting for Beano, Dandy, Bunty and Judy.

    The John Lennon bus is interesting too. Who knew?

    Have a wonderful week and your roses look terrific
    Helen xx

  25. I loved Beano and Dandy as a kid but my favourite was Whizzer & Chips. Now I sound old. My plants don't seem to like the rain at all! It's been so wet here that most of them are rotting in the soil and dying!

    I don't have Twitter or Facebook I'm afraid so I can't help but I hope you get loads of responses and they have to reply!

  26. Beautiful rose!

    I went to Legoland Windsor on the day they opened and while I was impressed with the models, I wasn't very impressed with the rest of it!

    Beanotown sounds more like my kind of thing :-) x

  27. I enjoyed this week's mini-magazine. Something for everyone. The Lennon bus idea sounds fantastic.

  28. Lovely blog, glad to be here!

  29. Lovely rose. Biffo is new to me. I hope Legoland cleans up it's act. I am not on Twitter, so can't re-tweet, sorry. The edible nuclear waste candy--OMG! You have such an interesting life! :)

  30. I hope that you will get a response from them. It will be interested to know what they say. I will retweet your tweet. On a different note, I am also very proud of the roses in my garden!

  31. I meant to say that top photo going up the hill looks great! The sweets are fab also!

  32. You know, I was just going to ask you about your header photo! And now I don't have to, thank you!

    Love that candy. I can't help but wonder what it tastes like.

  33. Love the photos, and the candy made laugh.

    Blanc looks amazing! Shame you couldn't go as planned.

  34. Beano!

    Now that bring back chilhood memories. :)

  35. Beautiful rose. I enjoyed this post with bits of this and that. Even when you don't get out much (as you say) you still give us something interesting to see and read about.


  36. Thanks for the comments. I like the idea of this as a mini-magazine, Marilyn.
    And Suzan, thanks for alerting me about the comments issue. Let me know if this is OK, or if there's something else I need to do.
    As for the "scribble scribble" quote I am pretty sure it was not the same person as said "I've already got a book..." But, it could have been! there are a lot of folks like that around! :)

  37. Oh Legoland...far beyond the one that has been constructed in our basement! Hope that all works out! Such fabulous photos!

  38. Hi Jenny!, Thanks for stopping by my blog! I enjoyed your post. The rose pic was beautiful and that candy made me laugh! Such an interesting blog!

  39. Ah - what a gorgeous rose! And Blanc does look amazing. Hope you get to go there again soon...

  40. Hi Jenny,

    Imagine saying that to Gibbon! I guess when you're Duke of Gloucester, you can say whatever you want. I don't have the same authority as the Duke, but I do remember saying something idiotic to a writer at The New Yorker who had also published a book. He ended up purchasing our co-op property in Manhattan when we left for California. I was nervously chattering (and feeling uncomfortable about someone else moving into our home) and said something to him like, "Oh, we probably have your book in one of our unread book stacks." I wouldn't be surprised if he remodeled the whole space just to get rid of my leftover inanity.

    What a funny piece of nuclear waste you found in your purse! I find odds and ends in my purses too (since I switch them around every few weeks or months). Never found interesting candy yet. My husband did discover an old tin of Altoids mints once somewhere. The mints were all stuck together and unattractively discolored. He decided to keep it as a prank tin, offering mints to friends once in a while.

    Responding to your comment on my post, I'm sure your house looks wonderful and sooo interesting! I suffer from similar issues. My husband says my inability to throw things away is a sickness! I have a broken Moroccan chair in my home office. It is useless for sitting, but I find it too ornately beautiful to toss and it reminds me so much of the souks and labyrinthine paths in the medieval cities we wandered in.

    Glad to see the roses are blooming for you. That's a beautiful color you are growing. The neighborhood deer (with two new bambis from this spring) have been making a salad feast of our roses. I was surprised to see 2 bright red ones today. Perhaps they'll be gone by tomorrow!


  41. I wonder what the marvellous Duke of G would have said of all us bloggers?

    Blanc looks delightful - hope you make it again next year.

  42. I'd love to see the Beano exhibition! Off to find you on twitter....

  43. Thanks for calling in again Jenny , so great when new people come back;-) So they haven't responded! We need to SHOUT louder :-) ... Oh I see my friend Welshcakes Limoncello is with you too , that is great. Such a shame you could not get to France :-( ,, hopefully soon , take care Anne

  44. Ha, edible nuclear waste! That sounds like the sort of prank Biffo the Bear might play on someone. Or Korky the Cat or the Bash Street Kids. I loved the Beano and the Dandy. I think they're to blame for the absurdly surreal sense of humour I still inflict on people.

  45. A great post that we can all find something to relate to, from the candy rock to those comics. Do kids read comics anymore?

  46. Good to meet you Jenny! Thanks for stopping by my post yesterday (Sunday).
    You have an interesting blog filled with all sorts of ditties I see.
    Blanc looks to be a wonderful place to see/visit! Will check this place out!

  47. Wow, nice and delicious nuclear waste! What a humor!
    I love comics too but in my childhood we haven't them to read and watch.
    I do hope you will have possibility to go to France and to see all places you want!

  48. Hi Jenny and thank you for your very nice comment on my post about my father. Beautiful photo of the rose. Terrible about Legoland Windsor! I read your post. So much time spent in long lines, so much cost, and so little fun. The burning money image, very apt! Unbelievable about the state of disrepair of the boats, trains and underground station. Pathetic! And no Lego bricks in the playroom? Pathetic again! Those pictures show a place that just doesn’t care, and poorly represents their brand. The comparison to Disney World in Orlando is striking. I have yet to see a poorly run Disney operation. I have not seen the Orlando Legoland.

    I am a Twitter user, although I don’t use it very often except for my blog, but I’d be happy to follow you there and RT your tweet.

    How interesting about the John Lennon Educational Foundation bus. Like that doodled logo of John, too. So funny about the “edible nuclear waste” sweet! I’d love to visit Blanc and that medieval village in the South of France one day.

  49. Sorry about your horrible experience at Legoland. A perfect rose! Blanc looks absolutely breathtaking!


  50. edible nuclear that is a bit scary...ha...beautiful roses...the deer ate all mine this week....bah...and i hope that you hear from legoland...not hearing would disappoint me all the beano exhibit too...

  51. Great Post. Beano, by the way, usually refers to another product here in the US!

  52. ReTweeted and FBd for what it's worth. I was a 'Dandy' reader. Apart from Dennis The Menace and Bash Street I don't really recall much of the Beano.

  53. Great Post!
    The Darjeeling Darlings


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