Sunday, 14 April 2013

Soon. Later. And Rhodes - Θα το κάνω αργότερα.

 I am spending a lot of time sorting out my mother's estate as well as doing bits and pieces of work. I haven't written here because I want to do a good job of sharing my travels and my life - that's the reason I write the blog, really.  No point in writing up some scrappy post is there? Or that is what I have been telling myself. .

But I've been to Greece, I have a packed diary and a trip to Germany coming up. So I'm going to post  .. well ... SOMETHING.about wonderful Rhodes.

There are all kinds of things to write about Rhodes, and I will do more than one post on it. But I'll just say for now that it's been under the control of Turks and Italians, it has some fascinating history. and - to me - even more fascinating architecture. This is the government offices, but it looks distinctly like Venice, doesn't it?  (And, English readers - just check out that Belisha beacon!)

Its old town is very Middle Eastern in feeling, though whereas the streets of Beirut, Damascus (as it was before the war, of course) or Istanbul would be busy and full of people of an evening, the touristy bits of Rhodes Old Town off-season were strangely quiet and deserted.

To be honest, I didn't warm to the very historic bit, because it was so carefully preserved as to be pretty lifeless.  Luckily, when you got into the back ends of the old town, there was lots of normal Greek life going on.  Here are some kids having a whale of a time in a ruined temple with their toy guns - it was a completely fabulous place to play and I was almost jealous of them being little and being able to roam all over this place that lookedl like an Indiana Jones set.

As you would expect, there is so much fine scenery off the beaten track.

And we saw countless spring flowers.

We went with a very good company called Walking Rhodes - and it is a trip I paid for, so it was genuine holiday, not commissioned, (although I will write something about it and hope to place it in some publication..  When I get time.)

When I get time.  When I get time to sort out - or even look at my photos.  When I get time to look at the journal I kept. When I get time to write up the German story, which IS commissioned. When I get time to do my paperwork,  deal with the house sale, celebrate birthdays and see friends even maybe do a spot of housework...  And I should really change that wintry header picture too, now. Even read a book or watch some television.

Am I getting lazier? I know I am getting older, but still not quite sure why I'm not on top of it all.  I used to be the wizard of multi tasking. I suspect some of the reason is that I am still having other problems which are not yet sorted, too, and which I don't really want to share on this blog. And maybe I really am just a bit lazier than I was...

Well, never mind. I'll write another post about Rhodes soon.. Later. I'll do it later. What's that in Greek?. (Google Translate says it's Θα το κάνω αργότερα. Apologies to Greek speaking readers if that is wrong! )


  1. That's a very tempting taster.
    (It's not surprising that you're not on top of the multi-tasking when you look at your work load, and the wintry header is not really out of date!)

  2. Rhodes is a lovely island isn't it? Unlike you I did like the old Town very much but I was there in late May so perhaps it was livelier then. As for not being in top of things - I think the long,cold, grey winter has a good deal to do with it as I've been the same way. A spot of sunshine and warmth has made all the difference. Hope your other problems sort themselves out soon.

  3. Your blog is always a learning experience for me and it's a joy to live vicariously through your wonderful travel photos.

    As for time - - you're definitely not getting lazy - - I suspect that the days are secretly getting shorter.....

  4. Jenny, I'll tell you one reason why you may not be on top of it all -- you've had a hell of a few months. Grieving packs a wallop -- doesn't matter if you knew the person was going to die or it happens suddenly. It still sends you reeling because it is really real. And if you are the one in charge of all the legal affairs, reel again. And if you happen to have a job or a deadline, do another reel. And just "being"? Good luck with that. It's tough. And anything beyond one day at a time can be a challenge. Visit a blog if you like. IF YOU LIKE! Write a sentence or a short post or just post a photo -- if you LIKE. And if you don't, don't be hard on yourself. I think I may need to take my own advice on this soon.

    Your post shows us a beautiful spot. And when you are ready to share more, you will. And when you aren't ready, we won't think badly of you. Or forget you. We will get it. Every single reader of your blog will get it. Trust me on this one. Breathe. Cry. Breathe again. Do. Later, rinse and repeat. We'll be there.

  5. I TOTALLY get what you are saying about not being as on top of things that I use to be. This year I did my taxes the week BEFORE they were due. Usually I have them done in January......

  6. You posed the question "Am I getting lazier". Does it sound like you are getting lazier? No. There are several factors. As one gets older time moves faster. Scriptor Senex posted on that recently and I'm sure that I must have too. I reckon that at my age a day only has 10 hours in it. But, and here's the twist, as many of us get older we have more, not less, things to fill our lives. Which is very odd given that many of us have retired from paid employment by our late 60s. Worry not you have just joined the Great Majority early.

    1. Mine has gone down to seven hours a day this week, GB. I know it is such a cliche but 'How did I ever get time to work?' I haven't slowed up that much. Have I?
      Jenny, sometimes 'real life' has to take over from blogging. I think everyone accepts that. And sorting your Mum's stuff must hardly put you in the mood for sharing sometimes. We all know it must be a difficult time.

  7. I love your winter heading, as I have mentioned before, but with the lovely sunny warm photos of Rhodes I am sure many people sort of feel this way !
    This is one place I have always wanted to visit so I especially love this post !

    And for you getting lazier, older and not enough time welcome to the crazy world lots of us live in daily ! One must learn to embrace the crazy.

    cheers, parsnip

  8. Jenny,
    I didn't know about your mum. I am so very sorry. You are being very hard on yourself I think. It is no wonder things need doing, but most of them can wait. I am glad you managed to get a little break. The scenery in Rhodes looks wonderful, and Anemones growing in the gorgeous!
    Look after yourself, much love, Linda x

  9. Oh, your pictures make me yearn for a vacation!

    Don't beat yourself up for not getting everything done all at once. Sometimes life just runs away from you. In time, you'll get caught up.

  10. Hello Jenny,
    Good to see you posting no matter when

    Its a good point you've brought forward, the issue of how time changes with the landscape of our lives, with and without age as a factor.

  11. Wonderful architecture Jenny! A splendid place to go.
    For me when there's niggly problems unresolved either temporarily or not, they dull my motivation and inspiration somewhat, hopefully temporarily - otherwise I'm keen to blame getting older and lazier!
    Take care Jenny

  12. When i get to where i'm feeling lazy, i set a timer for 15 minutes. No, i can't do everything IN fifteen minutes, but i can work on anything FOR 15 minutes, and often that's all it takes to get me started.
    Those children are very lucky to have such a fabulous playground.

  13. Great pictures. I find that I'm no longer capable of multi-tasking. It's possible I was never good at it.

  14. It's lovely to see your photos again, and hear of your travels. Doing what makes sense or comes naturally to you seems to, well, make sense! I like the idea of following your own flow and rhythm with blogging (and it's thankfully a venue that allows that:). Sending good wishes also, as you continue sorting our your mother's estate.

  15. Such warm, glowing light shining through the photos. Very special.
    Maybe you've become wiser about what really matters to get done, rather than trying to conquer all fronts at the same time. Let's call it selective coping rather than laziness. Sounds like you have a lot on your plate...actually, more like you've got a lot on several plates that you're trying to keep spinning in the air all at once. Be kind to yourself.

  16. When you get time, Jennifer, I shall be most interested to read about your trip to Germany, of course!
    Never knew that Rhodes was ruled by Italians and Turks.

  17. Hi, Jenny!
    I love your photos, fine scenes and views of sea, flowers,streets. I've been to Greece but never been to Rhodes. I'd like to visit it!

  18. Headspace is increasingly precious, Jenny - and it sounds as if yours is overflowing. I find I need 'thinking time' as much as 'doing time' when the going is really tough. Do hope you have people looking after you.

    As for Rhodes ... I was 22, with friends, and don't remember much about the history!

  19. Interesting to see the difference between the carefully maintained "front" of town and the kids playing in the ruins on the back streets. I agree, the back streets seem more interesting. I suspect you have a lot on your plate, not that you are a bit lazy. Post when you can - I'll visit.


  20. It's both time-and-energy-consuming, sorting out the estate after one's parents. (I'm still at it myself.) And it keeps reminding one of all the things of one's own that need sorting as well! I'm not sure but I wonder if maybe it's not our capacity for multitasking that decreases with age, but rather our awareness of all the multiple tasks that increases. To put it in other words: I somehow feel that when I was younger, it was easier to focus on one thing at a time and forget about the rest. Now I often find myself unable to focus because I'm constantly aware of all the other things that I should ALSO be doing.

  21. My condolences on the loss of your mother and in the sorting of her affairs. Neither is easy and grieving takes a lot out of a person, no matter the circumstances. Do try and be a little forgiving of yourself and just post when you can.

  22. Yenny, certainly a beautiful city, I'd say arbic air, beautiful story. Greetings.

  23. I understand about having too much to write about. I made a list of titles for future posts – and it is 2 pages long! I write about a trip and before I can finish we go on another, then being older and having traveled a bit, I have so many trips backlogged. I went to Rhodes, alone, once in November. There were no tourists. I used local transportation. It was lovely. Do they still have the shops with all the umbrellas? I liked the food too. I look forward to more of your posts on Greece. Thanks for coming to my blog. Yes I saw the movie which here was called “The Triplets of Belleville” I also have the DVD and the background music on the CD. It was a great film.

  24. Thank you...I'm going to read about Rhodes and its history and look up your walking company to see if a friend would like it.
    I have to admit that I prefer the life of the back streets to the carefully reconstructed historic centres - we had a great time doing that in Luxor years ago.

  25. I like your off the beaten track ventures, too!
    sounds like your life is filled with to-do lists like mine. I am so behind on everything that it gets a bit overwhelming. I used to be really good at multi-tasking, too. Things change, I guess--LOL!
    Catch us when you are caught up. I have signed up via email now so I won't miss any more posts. ;)

  26. A short rushed post from you is better than any I ever produce!
    Great photos there and a wonderful tour. I could feel the sun on my neck as I read.
    I know you have lots to do, so just miss out the housework that is unimportant, stick to writing.....

  27. I am not familiar with Rhodes so I appreciate the tour. Haha, I was going to say it must be warmer in London now than what I see in your header picture. Don't worry, we understand, life happens and our blogs fall behind. I don't know how some bloggers are so dedicated to post every day. I wish I could be like them.

  28. This comment has been removed by the author.

  29. Thanks for all the nice comments. Yes Dawn Treader, I do think its my perception of the tasks which has changed. I am just not sure exactly how it has changed! Adullamite, that is a really nice thing to say and not even true, I always enjoy your posts. I too have never been a post- évery- day blogger AVCr8teur, although in the past I have found it fun to blog quite often. It is a pleasure really, but I have definitely been feeling that i have not had time for much fun I guess. Thank you Rita for signing up via email, it is something I never think to do! And Fly in the Web, I do recommend the company I used. They were really great andI will be writing more about them soon.
    This keyboard is impossible so I will leave more comments when I get the chance to use another one!

  30. Okay, here I am at home now so I can respond on a sensible keyboard. Well, the German one is sensible really - for Germans. The y and the z are reversed from what I expect, and there are umlauts where I don't expect them!

    I am overwhelmed by so many kind and thoughtful comments. I think I'll incorporate some of the points people have made in a future post, but Jon, you may have the answer, that the days are actually getting shorter, just as my friend Lee does comment how they keep increasing the length you have to walk to things :)

    Vagabonde, I usually have a list but I have run out of lists too :D

    I don't think I have reached the stage where I have to moderate what I do, but what I am noticing is that I'm a bit less able to bounce back and get on top of everything overall. I can't put my finger on quite why that would be, and perhaps what several people have said is true, that I'm weighed down by the experiences of the past few months.

    I certainly do just hope that I can have a bit of time when everything seems normal and gets on as usual, and although Germany was good, I am glad it was a short trip and glad to be back in the UK so I can make a start on physically sorting out bits and pieces that belonged to my mum, and deciding what to do with them. And getting organised for building work on installing a shower room.

  31. Perhaps you are still suffering the effects of your recent bereavement. And maybe, just maybe, you are really doing too much? You appear to be on the go permanently and even the toughest and fittest person needs a break occasionally.

    Still, write when you want, blogging is far too flexible a medium to cause one to feel obliged to ‘perform’ to a schedule.

    I am looking forward to the German post.

  32. Oh Jenny, I'm with Jeanie and the rest of your wise commenters. Sometimes life gets in the way and the best you can hope to do is prioritise and just get the important stuff done. I always let my husband, job and studies get in the way of my blog because that is what matters, not another piece of virtual real estate. Be kind to yourself and when the time is right and life settles down, you'll be fresh and renewed and ready to blog again!

    But this is a lovely post and absolutely did its job! I really want to visit Rhodes now. I think I'd like the Old Town in any season.

  33. Sometimes it's definitely necessary to just have a holiday, and put all your other responsibilities on hold for a bit. We love reading your blog - but you mustn't let it get in the way of your life! :) Rhodes looks wonderful, though.

  34. I agree, it's a shame when historic areas are preserved so immaculately they look more like a museum than a real place where people live their lives. It's equally a shame when historic sites aren't maintained at all and are left to disintegrate, like many places in Italy.

    Sorry to hear you're feeling a bit feeble and not on top of things. But I'm sure it's one of those cycles and your energy and enthusiasm will return in due course.

  35. Whatever you are going through, Jenny, you still manage to delight us with your images, both written and visual. I hope the trips will bring you joy.

  36. Rhodes looks beautiful. I do understand what you are going through, Jenny and I am thinking of you. x

  37. Hey Jenny,
    I seem to have been off track for a few months and just can't seem to get it together like I could have done at one time.
    I think I will just have to think that my life is on a different track now, and I must adjust to it! Don't know if this helps YOU in any way, but if it does, then I am glad.
    Take care, my friend who loves Lewis Carroll!

  38. Hi Jenny,

    I'm going through your posts in reverse, so it's quite amusing to read your promises on the posts. You've done very well and actually kept your promises! That is so much more than I've managed to do. I've begun several posts and left them hanging, like so many of my half baked ideas. (Oh, wouldn't it be fun to write about this! or that! Maybe after I finish this, or that ...)

    I just read an interesting essay in The New Yorker. It's almost an apology for a writer's life -- strewn with half-begun/finished pieces. The good news is that it all comes together. Each crumpled piece of paper (or wasted digital memory) contributes to the final opus! Well, you probably knew all that already. I hadn't quite thought of it that way. It's a wonderful excuse for not getting anything accomplished!

    Re: Rhodes. Your rural photos in the more recent post come closer to my expectations of what Rhodes might be like. This old town struck a more dissonant chord. As you said, it feels more like Italy. I do agree with you on how preservation squeezes the life out of old things. (Rather like Hollywood facelifts?) I just came back from the East Coast. We spent a few days in Colonial Williamsburg, where the whole town is in a time warp somewhere around 1780. It's a hoot for young people, particularly school children learning revolutionary history. However, the town is so immaculate, it seems more like a historic Disneyland. I wish they had left some things in decrepit, crumbling states. It would feel a lot more genuine instead of mere play acting. That said, we had quite a good time.

    - Jenny


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