Monday, 18 June 2012


I'm sorry if you commented on a post which has now vanished. Something went wrong with my last post in draft mode, I messed around with the HTML and now I can't make it appear on the feed. And then my mum complained that she was trying in her motherly way to read my blog, but the blog just kept jumping about in a crazy way and doing crazy things.

Yes........craaaaa...zzz...eeeee things. ...

So I'll rewrite the post and put it up another time, because it had some good stuff in. Meanwhile, I'll tell you what I did today.

You'll guess it wasn't a very exciting day when I say that T mending the vacuum cleaner was a high spot. Still, ONE interesting thing happened. I learned that the Japanese translator of my book is planning a trip to England and wants to meet me when she's here. She's travelling with a friend who has a tea house in Japan, and her friend read my piece here about Newens Maids of Honour Tea Room. Now, she wants to visit. So we'll all be meeting up at Newens and eating these... !

Yum! Should be fun! And maybe I can pick up some Japanese cookery tips. But that's not for a few weeks.

I also had a long chat with V about how to make money in a recession. Times aren't too easy for anyone freelance or creative, although we keep going. V and I will be working together on a project in July and that's what I'll be settling down to when I get back from my next trip, very soon.

I've been doing the detailed planning which always goes into a trip. I have three coming up, none of them very big but all of them needing planning.

Which leaves, as I said, the high spot today as the mended vacuum cleaner. It mightn't sound much to you but I am dee-lighted. (that's me, below)

I'll leave you with a link and a video which make me laugh. The link is Suldog's commencement speech - the kind of speech we all wish could happen in real life.

The video below came from a German TV comedy series called "Knallerfrauen" and I spotted it on Sonya Ann's blog. The gags in the show are very visual so you don't really need to speak German to figure it out. But as far as my cribbed-up German goes, I understand that she's asking Papa how he likes the iPad she got him for his birthday, and is he getting the hang of the apps, etc? He says, yes, fine. But what are apps? Oh, and mind out of the way....


  1. Yes, the dreaded HTML heebee-jeebees!

    Glad this one posted (Hi Mum)

    Missing a beloved childhood cookie, research led me to Garibaldi Biscuits. Had them sent on:
    Bliss! Thank you Britons

    Have a GREAT Week

    Aloha from Waikiki,
    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >

    > < } } (°>


  2. Too bad about those technical problems. Soon, I hope, they'll be behind you.

  3. Everything from drooling over a picture to laughing at a German video! Enjoyed your post today~

  4. Funny video. Just yesterday the GD tried to teach her Grandpa how to download to his MP3 player which had been sitting on his desk empty for..oh ..months. He said today he'd just listen to what she put on there as he didn't understand the first thing about what she was doing but just kept saying Uh-huh. LOL!

    Now about those three trips... where?


  5. So, have you used the newly repaired vac yet? If you have, I'm truly sorry. A broken vac is the best vac, you need no other excuse.

    i enjoyed the Ipad video, thanks. Will have to visit Suldog later.

  6. Hi, Jenny! So sad to hear about the Woolpit post, I just want to show those green kids to my daughter, but when I click "publish" Blogger said to me - ERROR :O(
    Hope you will enjoy your meeting (these cakes look so attractive :o) So, your book will be published in Japanese - congratulations! Super cool :o)
    Have a very nice week

  7. Obviously something went in the pot that didn't belong there. I get the gag but not the details. Alas.

    How exciting to meet your translator and share English tea together. How memorable that will be.

  8. Yes that is one funny video! And it's always nice to look forward to making and meeting new friends.

  9. There is a reason I don't mess around with HTML. Now I know why... :-p

    LOL at the video clip - I could picture my Mom doing that.

  10. How neat that you will be able to meet your Japanese translator and her tea shop owning friend. And you will all get to enjoy a cozy English tea.

    The German video was funny but I wish I knew what he put into the pot.

  11. Meeting with the ladies at the tea room sounds like so much fun! I'm so excited for you. Hope the vacuum is in tip top shape soon!

  12. Blogs have an uncanny way of going berserk when we least expect it. Your blog looks perfectly fine to me now - just in case my humble opinion has any value.
    It's wonderful that your book will be translated into Japanese and that you will have an opportunity to meet the translator!
    It is painfully true that these are not easy times for freelancers or creativity. I keep hoping that perhaps things will be better in the not-too-distant future.....

  13. I do understand the joy of having a vacuum cleaner fixed. That is a sad fact of my life.

  14. Even gf surely I do not understand language.I can enjoy myself only with an image! I'm looking forward to the book with which you were translated...

  15. Sometimes i am almost convinced of the total depravity of all things tech; vacuum cleaners are more my speed, i can generally get them working.

    Hope your trip planning goes well.

  16. I do love your Frankenballerina.

  17. Hi Jenny,

    I understand now why I couldn't load up your blog. At least it wasn't my being such a tech dummy this time, my typical diagnosis whenever the computer fails to work properly.

    It is that time of year for humorous or inspirational commencement speeches. I viewed a recent one by Neil Gaiman, which happened to be both, as well as ironic since he never graduated from a university. But he had a great piece of advice for young graduates on how to KEEP a job, and one only ever needs to achieve 2 out of 3 of the following: (I can't remember the order he gave it in, but try the various permutations of doing any 2 and missing out on the 3rd. It's rather funny.)

    1. Never miss a deadline.
    2. Be brilliant at what you do.
    3. Be pleasant to work with.

    It's nice to know we don't have to be all 3 at the same time!

    Enjoy your tea with your Japanese translator (and congratulations that your work is translated into Japanese!). Perhaps she can take you for a Japanese tea ceremony next time.

    -- Jenny

  18. Knew that ipad video (not from German telly but because my sister sent me the link some time ago) :-)

    It certainly would be a high spot in my day if I was able to mend a vacuum cleaner! Mine isn't broken, thankfully, but the tap on my bathroom sink needs mending, and I've been putting that off for months now, since it is so difficult to get behind and below the sink there.

    Very good idea of your Japanese translator coming to meet you!

  19. Hello Jenny:
    Increasingly we become so frustrated with, in our case, the uncertainties and unreliability of Blogger, that we are ready to give it all up so we can, all too easily, imagine how you must feel at the disappearance of an entire post.

    These are, indeed, very difficult times and for those who make their living as freelance writers, especially so, we feel. We are so pleased to know that you have several projects in the pipeline and very much hope that more will come in. In the meantime, your hoover now works!!

  20. Thank you for posting those links - both made me smile this morning :-)

  21. Your book's getting translated into Japanese? Wow, congratulations!
    Great video too.

  22. Thank you everyone for the comments, I'm certainly glad this post appeared and was okay. I will be relying on my phone to enable coments for a couple of days, and it's not very happy with Blogger, but I will do my best !

  23. I think fixing things is not to be overlooked as a source of satisfaction. A while ago, my allotment was so overgrown on the paths one could have lost shorter relatives in there. I wanted to strim but the strimmer wouldnt work so I looked at buying another one. TWO HUNDRED QUID??? So, I dismantled the carburrettor on the old one, washed all the bits in clean petrol and reassembled. VOila! A mended strimmer and a happy Pete. Satisfaction was immense!
    Very tricky, Japanese. Good show, though, for getting such a cosmopolitan and widespread audience!

  24. Jenny, you have a way of making even a non-eventful day seem like a grand occasion. If I could get a vacuum refit it would be so in my house, too! However, I believe we may need to put out the cash for a newbie soon. The one we have is just going on its last breath. THAT will be an event, to be sure. Not to be passed up by your meeting your Japanese translator in a tea room. How awesome! Congrats on your book hitting a new market!

    Seems everyone I know has been going to England. Two friends just returned, yesterday our pastor and his wife left for York to teach at the Calvary Chapel churches and a pastor's conference there. I remain stateside - living vicariously my travel dreams - through bloggers like you.


  25. Most of the time, I don't click on links, but this time I'm glad I clicked on that commencement speech. That thing is pure genius. Thanks!
    Japanese, eh? Bonzai! This is really the only Japanese I know. Well, besides, Nissan and Mothra.
    Glad about your vacuum cleaner.
    A good vacuum cleaner sucks.
    A bad vacuum cleaner blows.
    And thus ends this morning's episode of "Al's Fun With Words."

  26. I was right! All a woman wishes for is a hoover and an iron!
    Great that the book is selling in Japan, and I hope elsewhere!
    I am off to write one also, 'Living Death in Blogland.'

  27. A lot of my blog pals seem to be having trouble with things disappearing and changing and generally not doing what they want their blogs to do.

  28. I had a whole post disappear when my fat fingers pressed delete instead of edit on the iPad, but I managed to get it back by devious methods. Since then I have followed another blogger’s advice and backed the whole blog up (when I remember) uding the ‘export’ method. And talking of iPads I can ony say “Eeek!” to that German video clip.

  29. hi, i just found your lovely blog--i love having tea!!

  30. Wow, so your Japanese friends want to visit your local tea room? That's quite an honour when the Japanese are known as the originators of the tea ceremony! Perhaps they're looking for new ideas to refresh the traditional ritual?

  31. You have my sympathy. I had a post disappear a few weeks ago.

    Japanese tea is quite different to English tea so I hope that nobody will be disappointed.

  32. It is infuriating when the gremlins strike especially on a post where you had already received comments. I'm sure when it goes up again we can all enjoy it and comment then. I do love going to tea shops and eating cakes, it is one of my favourite things to do. I hope you will be reporting back on the day here.

  33. Funny blog :) Cookies look tasty. Greetings from Poland

  34. Blogger can be quite annoying sometimes. I've had some definite disasters too!

  35. Enjoy your tea, Jenny!

    More random comments (from a long-time Tokyo resident):

    I sincerely hope the traditional Japanese tea ceremony is never influenced by ideas from elsewhere.

    British afternoon tea as well as British/European cake and tea shops are well-known in Tokyo. Just like Lewis Carroll! ;)

  36. The Frankenstein image has crazy written all over it.

  37. Me again, but Jenny, I thought this might interest you. There's a very popular drink in Japan called "Royal Milk Tea", based on a British cuppa. It's a fairly strong brew with lots of milk added. I don't like it - I prefer less milk in my tea - but you can buy hundreds of different canned versions as well. You can see a photo of different brands here.

  38. Hi Jenny,
    I can assure you that your posting has come through on my um...what is this thing with the screen?
    Nice one and hang on to this posting! :)

  39. how exciting she is coming from Japan!!
    goggle and blogger give me many problems too....guess I get what I pay for!!

  40. Thank you so much for all the comments. I'm going to reply to them individually when I get access to my computer again.

  41. Google and blogger drive me crazy. I cant open your video clip today. Will try again later. Glad the vacum is fixed.
    Fabulous news getting your book in Japan. Look forward to hearing about the 3 new projects.

  42. Congrats on the Japanese translation of your book, Jenny. Should be fun to meet up with the translator. xoxo

  43. Thanks for that German sitcom. I like to watch German TV to work on my language skills.

  44. Blogger can be tetchy sometimes. How cool to meet your translator and I do get it about the vacuum. That video made me laugh. Thanks for that.

  45. the cookie looks very delicious. and sorry to hear the blog not being very kind to you, hope things is much better now :D

  46. Hilarious! That is one expensive cutting board!

  47. That iPad clip was funny – I can see my husband almost doing that – he is not very techy. I saw your Green Children post in my Google Reader – the carved pews are amazing. I’m sorry about your weather and all your rain. Here it has been warm and dry. Today in Memphis it was at least 94 degree F (34 C) in the shade – and that is hot when you are walking under the sun. But isn’t today the first day of summer? It should get nice and warm where you live.

  48. Aw Jenny, really sorry to hear about you losing a WHOLE post! But I thoroughly enjoyed this one just the same.

  49. Been offline for a while as i couldn't access my Comments nor my Posts!Madness! So frustrating!Had 2 error codes which I sent to the Help Centre, so sems to be fixed now fortunately!
    I am very busy so the blog is a bit out of the loop right now, just try to keep up with all my blogfriends' publications!Sorry if i am not visiting as much as before, but i am still keeping an eye on you all.
    I remove the artcile you are refering to as i didn't like it!
    Love that first crazy image, love all this sort of "stuff', a bit out of the main stream, when imagination runs loose and pushes the boundaries...

  50. Thank you so very much for the link love! Now I suppose I'll have to start living up to other people's expectations again...

    It must be very exciting to have a conversation with someone who is translating your work. I think I'd enjoy that very much. Of course, I'd enjoy being published often enough for it to be a possibility, too, but...

  51. A wonderful post - the video is lovely; I showed it to all my family.

  52. What a shock! I’m sorry for your time and efforts to create the disappeared post. Blogger frequently has annoyed me like other people have experienced. Nonetheless, we keep on updating, fighting difficulties and sorting out problems. Let’s catch our breath, have a cup of tea, and then face the blogging world. I revisited the post about Newens Maids of Honour Tea Room and, oops, I found my misspelling your name, Jenny Woolf. (How embarrassing!)


  53. yikes...don't you just lov technology!!

  54. Sigh, it is so frustrating when Blogger has glitches, isn't it? And they are having glitches more and more often, aren't they?? How exciting about your book, the translator visiting and your plans to meet up. Has it been translated into many languages?

  55. The only thing I plan carefully when I go on a trip is what caps and bling I will take with me. And will they all fit in the case along with 15 pairs of trainers. :D

    Your post didn't show up in my reader. Blogger is driving me nuts at the moment.

  56. What an enjoyable post Jenny! The video clip is great; but I do have to say that I've noticed many times over the past few months a growing number of old people using iPhones and other gadgets
    I've had trouble using blogger on my mobile phone for a while now... the new dashboard doesn't work with my browser. Hopefully they'll make some updates soon
    have a good weekend!

  57. Hi Jenny,
    Tea is a very interesting subject!! Once I wrote one of Buddha's teachings "Why don't you have a cup of tea? 喫茶去" on my blog. When you are worried too much or obsessed with troubles, you cannot see anything but worries or troubles, and you don't know what to do. In such a case, Buddha's teaching tells "Why don't you have a cup of tea?". So, next time you have any troubles, remember Buddha's teaching.
    In Japan, every thing gives us an excuse to have Sake, rice wine. Such as,it is hot, it is cold ・・・Besides tea time, do you find some excuse like that?
    Newens Maids of Honour Tea Room looks worthwhile visiting, I mean visiting only this place flying from Japan!
    Always I enjoy your stories!! Have a great week.

  58. Thank you for the nod! I'm sorry I didn't find it sooner but I was enjoying Vegas!

  59. I'm back to reread this post. I think it's cuz it has my name in it.;)
    I agree with you in the fact that it is very difficult to make money in this economy. My dream was always to be a paid writer. I guess I will just have to adapt that and be a plain old writer. Who needs money anyways?


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