Tuesday, 30 August 2011

Big Eyes

Just a quick post today. I've been away and lots of catching up to do.  But I saw these two pairs of beautiful eyes at the weekend and wanted to share them with you. (Sorry for the slightly weird colours  - that's my iPhone camera for you)...

The first pair of eyes belongs to an owl - I think it's a Eurasian Eagle Owl but I forgot to check its tag.   It was sitting on a stand at at a fund-raising stall run by the Midlands Bird of Prey Rescue.    It is one of several hand reared owls which the organisation takes round to various summer fetes and public events to raise cash and awareness.   They must look after the birds very well. All of them were bright, glossy, healthy and alert, and I couldn't tear my gaze away from this owl's amazing eyes.  The owl was obviously quite happy meetnig the public, and actually seemed quite interested in what was going on. (It took a particular interest in any small dogs which passed its perch.  I suspect it saw them as potential prey. )

The little cat with the stripe on its face was one of two, living in a run-down garden centre. The garden centre was frankly pretty sad, with flappy, torn plastic polytunnels lined with white plaster board ,and droopy plants. 

I thought it had such a friendly gaze - if a cat can have such a thing, (Can it?)

But both cats, which the owners had rescued from a shelter, were enchanting and full of life, in total contrast to their surroundings.   Wish I could have got both of them together but most of the time they were frisking around too happily to look at me.  Here they are in a brief pause between jumping on each other.



  1. Beautiful animals, don't know which i prefer!

  2. Love the owl! Such beautiful owls. The kitties are adorable!

  3. Amazing eyes! I love owls, and cats are always so beautiful and mysterious ^.^

  4. Cats just want to have fun. And they manage it pretty well. Usually at the expense of long-suffering humans....

  5. All beautiful! And yes cats can have a friendly gaze I think! That is a strange mark on the cat-the stripe. It is a lovely looking cat. Owl faces remind me of cats a bit.

  6. mirror of the soul...

    Aloha from Waikiki;

    Comfort Spiral
    > < } } ( ° >


    < ° ) } } > <

  7. i love owls. i grew up learning they were wisdoms birds
    ( the favorite bird of goddess Athena )
    and i still believe it : )

  8. Amazing coincidence. I just left a comment at Cloudia's blog under yours and thought I must go and see who that is, and there you, leaving a comment on my blog.


    I've also admired the owls here at Valley's End's annual Green Man Day.
    As for the cats, gorgeous. All cats are, but I am a dog person too.

    Nice to meet you, I shall have to spend more time here.

  9. Nice to see such contented cats … especially with friendly gazes. The strip of white is rather dignified on that one cat. The owl looks wise with its one lid drooping downward a little, instead of the perfectly round orbs usually seen in photographs of the species. Impressive shot with your iPhone camera!

  10. Neat little cat looks like he has socks on his hindlegs.

  11. Two pairs of hypnotic yellow eyes. I've never met an owl in person, and would very much like the opportunity. Owl imagery has been popping up in my life a lot lately, and here it is again. Ironically, I suspect my own sweet cat has been taken by an owl...though more likely a coyote.

  12. Owls are fascinating birds, aren't they! Regarding the cats - my mother-in-law has two, and it is as good as impossible to get a picture of them both, with both of them looking towards the camera; I think they do it on purpose :-D

  13. The owl is such a mesmerising creature. Must be the eyes. They sure got eyes that feels like they can suck you right in. ;p

  14. Interesting to see a wide eyed owl during daylight hours.

  15. Owls and cats have both the eyes which work in darness, and I found that they look so tender in brightness.

  16. Hello Jenny:
    The eyes have it!!

    How amazing to have been able to see the Owl at such close quarters. Such a beautiful animal. And, how lovely the cats look....with their stripes they really do seem not far from their tiger roots!!

  17. oh man, i would so love to hand-rear and owl.

  18. yea....
    So glad I found your blog today....
    First, Love your header, I am a super cloud geek,
    Second, adore owls, at my home I have one who helps with the pack rat population, sits on my chimney and hoots the evening away. I have named him Bernard.
    Third, the adoption of any animal is great.

    cheers, parsnip

  19. WOL. (Winnie the Pooh reference.)

    Cats can be quite happy in shabby chic.

  20. Ahan.i love cats... Nice pics these;-)have a nice timeAhan.i love cats... Nice pics these;-)have a nice time

  21. Great photos-love the owl and the cats are great. The one looks like it ran through paint-love that face!


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