Sunday, 3 July 2011

Snapped in New York


Interesting branding .... So you're gazing into the mirror and it snarls, "Who're you looking at, bud?"  


  1. sorry if my post was confusing. the word of the day was "anacoluthon", which is just one of hundreds of rhetorical devices. i do a different one each sunday.

    your post reminds me of frankie boyle's famous claim that he wrote a book of poetry using "an aggressive haiku form".

  2. Reminds me of Deathwish Piano Movers in Boston.

  3. Today is 4 of July, and interesting to read your post about some aspect of New York.

  4. I wouldnt want an aggressive window in my home. LOL

  5. Interesting.
    There are also various wrapping cars in Japan.

  6. Jenny,
    For a moment I wondered "Is it Japanese English?” Because Japan is a country which is full of funny English or mistranslations. But, it was in New York. For good or bad, surely it would attract people’s attention.
    Veering off into, I’d like to introduce one example of funny English I found recently.
    “Lamb raisin ice cream” → “Rum raisin ice cream” In Japanese, lamb and rum are same pronunciation.

  7. Oh Snowwhite, I love it - lamb and raisin icecream. That made me laugh!


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