Monday, 4 July 2011

Natural or Not?

When I was walking along in the Alentejo area of Portugal, I looked down and I wondered if I was seeing a real plant, and a real rock. For some reason, both the rock and the plant looked to me as if they had been created by human beings; and were not natural at all.  The rock seemed to have been knitted or woven out of wool, the plants were perhaps plastic, like bottle brushes.

I examined them closely and I found that in fact they were completely natural.

Do you see what I mean about them, or do you just think I have an over-active imagination?


  1. I see exactly what you mean about them!
    My guess about that rock is that it could be of volcanic origin (of course I am no geologist, so the explanation for this particular texture might be entirely different). And those "bottlebrush" plants look definitely ancient, like something that grew on earth before plants invented leaves as we know them today.

  2. I might not have come to that conclusion on my own, but now that you mention it...

  3. yeah they look like some weird modernist furniture or something.

  4. I do see what you mean, but what strikes me most about this post is I am trying to locate some of that very same plant to purchase for a planter bed under my living room window! How strange is that!

  5. They look like plastic tentacles. ;p

  6. Jenny,
    Yes, the plants look like plastic brushes.
    I do the same thing sometimes. When plants have too vivid color, I touch them to find them natural or not. It comes out of my curiosity or instinct, I’m not sure. But, always I am a kind of relieved after finding them natural.
    Jenny, thanks for very intriguing photo and topic!!.

  7. They look like candy... delicious candy!

  8. take more water with it! but they do look unnatural
    Isabel x

  9. Well anyway I kind of wish someone would knit me one of those rocks :)

  10. Hi Jenny, it was a lovely surprise to see you'd joined my blog, and thank you for your comment too. I've been having a look through yours, could spend ages here - you've lots of very interesting posts.
    I was particularly intrigued by the plant and rock - definitely looked false!
    Cheerio until next time :D)


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