Saturday, 4 June 2011


Jersey is like England, in some ways, and in other ways it seems like a sort of fairytale country that isn't like anywhere else I know. My grandmother visited it 60 years ago and said it reminded her of Ootacamund, in India.  Not having been to Ootacamund, I can't comment on that. Here are some pictures taken in Jersey

At the shell garden

Small town life - ducks take a walk by the sea

So much lichen

Growing lavender

And these flowers looked almost as if they should be plastic - although they were absolutely real.
I loved the way this line of light stretched along the beach

In the garden pavilion - very, very strange.


  1. The lavender is so pretty growing in rows like that! I have a few plants scattered around my gardens butt probably not the same variety that's grown on Jersey. I also love the lichen and shells. But the Barbies? Not so much. :)

  2. Lavender field is so beautiful. From distance, flowers look like floating purple clouds. This place has variety of collection from lichen to Barbie doll. A kind of exotic. very interesting place. Thank you for sharing. Have a great day!

    PS. Blogger has had system troubles for a few weeks which are making users frustrated very much. I am one of them. I am very sad because your icon is missing in my followers. Not only yours but also others. I hope Blogger will fix this issue soon.

  3. Shell gardens, what a nice idea

  4. I have only once been to Jersey, many years ago, but from what I remember of it, I agree.

  5. Jersey seems to let people have some nostalgic feeling. I'm not a frequent traveler, though a lot of place to see in the world. Thank you for sharing these photos, and for visiting my blog.
    From Japan

  6. I love the lign of lights.


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