Friday, 6 May 2011

Suffolk, England.

Here's a late narcissus blooming in Suffolk, one of my favourite English counties. It is on a woodland track, and it was blooming a few days ago, at least a month after most narcissi have faded.

Suffolk is not considered to be one of the most conventionally beautiful counties, at least as far as landscape is concerned. . It's largely flat, and there's a lot of heathland with very poor soil.   But to me, it has a more subtle beauty.  It grows heather and gorse, which at this time of year is so full of blossom that it seems to blaze.

The central and Northern parts are undeveloped, and I like to feel I'm avoiding the big supermarkets and unpleasant roads that blight so many country areas.

I love the coastline around Dunwich and Southwold, and inland from that, and I don't tire of exploring it. It was very sunny at the weekend, and the sea was extremely rough, and a bitterly cold wind was coming off it,

And we found an abandoned wildfowl egg on the edge of a field of thousands of small pink flowers.


  1. I think its refreshing to visit places few others visit. Now I have to look Suffolk up on a map. :)

  2. Heathland reminded me of "Wuthering Heights" which I read during my youth. Hearther and gorse must be strong plant. Scenery with heather and gorse in full bloom is very charming and tasteful. In different place,there is different spring, it is interesting. My favorite is the second.
    Have a nice weekend.

  3. suffolk is indeed an interesting place. although, never been there and only have the chance to appreciate it on magazines.
    love your header.
    so absorbing! ^0^

  4. Wonderful shots. The flowers are beautiful.

  5. I haven't been to Suffolk - but you know that I do like bleak, stark landscapes, so I should probably go :)

  6. And what bird laid that egg?

  7. I'm all about the apocalyptic scapes too. I love walking on the beach when the wind is bitter and the waves are loud. I didn't know what gorse was. Now I can't stop saying gorse in my head. Gorse gorse gorse.

  8. I wondered what kind of egg, Mo. They don't have ostriches in Suffolk. Since I was in a bird reserve I could have asked someone but I felt intimidated, they were all so professional with their 5 foot camera lens hoods and all!


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