Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Travel Writing Competition Winners - and More Awards

Winners of the BGTW Travel Writing competition were announced at the Yearbook launch, and here they are. Rebecca Milford was the winner, with her terrific piece on Tokyo. (The Guild's Japan specialist photographer Jeremy Hoare providing the pics.) The four editors who judged the contest loved Rebecca's evocative story - and after recent events in Japan, there is something particularly nostalgic about her article.

As she came up to collect her award, my neighbour sighed in an envious tone, "AND she looks about 12!"

The Guild is now running this contest annually. It joins a number of other awards which include Best Overseas Tourism Project, Best UK Tourism Project, the Globe Award (for the best major new tourist project (aiming at over 250,000 visitors a year). I find that the runners up are often just as interesting (and sometimes, in my private opinion, even more interesting) than the winners. Take a look at some of them here.

Runner up in the Best UK category was Blist's Hill, (above, in the snow). It's one of the fabulous collection of Ironbridge Gorge museums, which my kids absolutely loved. These museums offer an extraordinary insight into so many aspects of the Industrial Revolution. I have particularly fond memories of the lovely pig who lived behind one of the cottages in the Victorian town. I hope there are still pigs there!

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