Sunday, 8 August 2010

Travel Insurance for Oldies

Anyone with a medical condition, or just someone over 75, can find it very hard to get medical insurance, and insurance once available with Help the Aged has skyrocketed in price now the charity has merged with Age Concern. If my mum's experiences lately are anything to go by, Age Concern has not exactly been the most efficient of organisations.

The Telegraph has a thought provoking article about travel insurance for oldies,   It's certainly true that grandparents seem to be the ones best supplied with time and money these days. Itt would be a pity if they were no longer able to take their grandkids away for holidays without spending more on the insurance than on the holiday.  .


  1. Rich old people have it too easy, they are the ones who spoiled it for the younger ones.

  2. We have relatives who are struggling with this - which is a real shame, since they have the time and money to take more trips. At the very least, I think that it should be possible to buy European non-medical travel insurance (to cover baggage, cancellation, etc) if you're happy to rely on EHIC cover for medical care.


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