Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Consumer Rights and Dubious Airlines

This year there have been some very hard times for travel companies - and hard times too for those who book with them. Both I and a relative got caught in the volcanic ash debacle - and we were going to wildly different destinations. And as if the clouds of ash wasn't enough, there have been airline strikes and tour operators collapsing too. The latest tour operator to disappoint hundreds of holidaymakers is specialist Greece & Turkey operator Goldtrail. 

Cheapflights.co.uk, the travel price comparison website, has a whole section of useful information and tips, including some of the ways to get compensation if things go wrong.   As their name suggests, the company's main business is helping people find cheap flights.  They've come up with a very cheap deal on an American route that I'm seeking right now.  Admittedly, it is with an airline that doesn't have a terribly wonderful reputation.  Well, that is an understatement. It sounds ghastly, according to the reviews. Here's a selection: 

"We were prepared for a poor experience, it lived up to the billing" - "We will never fly with them again after being treated this way" - "Appalling customer service throughout" - "when I ring them the person answering the phone on the other end thinks that it's our fault that the luggage has gone missing" - "The captain delayed treatment to a sick man on a flight ...putting his life at risk. A doctor on the flight tried to help the man but was denied twice, by the captain" - "flights are routinely canceled due to mechanical failures or poor maintenance" - "the crew was incompetent and very unfriendly "

.... er....um...so far my credit card has stayed in its wallet.


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  1. I don't think I would fly with that airline, either! On the other hand, I haven't flown Ryanair for years (after a bad experience) but a friend recently told me that he thinks their hard-line attitudes ensures good service at airports (fast baggage throughput, etc).


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