Saturday, 10 October 2009

Travel Photo Competition - Coast

Coast Magazine is running a photo competition (click on the button on their main page). Last year's winner is unusual because it captures a feeling of light and sun and movement in a way that is hard to do - technically, I mean.

The V & A Museum in London is running a project about beach photography : click here for one of my favourites but people have found so many other ways of turning beaches into art.

As far as my own pictures are concerned, sometimes I look through them and think, wow, I like that one. I don't have any pretensions, though. The picture of the double rainbow near Avebury (below) pleases me but I am sure the purists would say that Silbury hill ought to be completely visible. In fact even I'd say that.

In self justification, I was perched on the verge, with the car rather dangerously parked in the road, though, desperate to catch the rainbow before it faded.

And it's miles from the coast.


  1. Beautiful pic. Lovely bright fields and dark skies.

  2. Double rainbows are so rare--to get a photo of one even rarer. I really like this picture and don't mind the hill off to the side--I think it balances the brighter colors on the other side of the image. Marjorie


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