Thursday, 8 October 2009

Be A Travel Writer - Win A Holiday

The BGTW has launched its first ever travel writing contest, open to unpublished travel writers - that is, writers who have not had travel articles published. (They can have published other types of writing, though).

First prize comes courtesy of Travellers' Tales, the training agency for travel writing and travel photography, and the winner will enjoy a four-day travel writing holiday in Istanbul, discovering the city while practising your writing skills with a small group of fellow writers under expert tuition.

Second prize is a trip to Berlin courtesy of WEXAS, Hotel Berlin and Lufthansa. Two return flights, plus two nights in the Hotel Berlin.

Third prize is the winner's selection of 10 travel guides from award-winning publisher Bradt - whose guides Michael Palin has described as 'expertly written and longer on local detail than any others'.

Oh, (just adding this to clarify) "unpublished" means not having been paid for articles. And articles can be either in print media, or on the internet.


  1. Every now & then there are competitions that make me wish I hadn't published anything! (Especially photography comps... the 'pro' categories usually charge a lot more to enter!)

  2. Does being published on the internet count?


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