Friday, 4 September 2009

Who's sorry for the Airlines?

I read Michael Howarth's interesting piece in which he says he is not sorry for the airlines.

Personally I think picking the right cabin staff is one of the most important things. A couple of years ago I went on a national carrier that ran the most awful rattly old planes to the Middle East, I was wondering if we'd fall in the sea to be honest, but the whole trip was made a pleasure by the charming cabin crew who played with the children on board and treated passengers with hospitality. ("Hospitality" - now isn't that an interesting word....)


  1. So Howard wants better service, paid for by higher prices which he won't pay himself because he gets press freebies? OK for some!
    Anyway, a journalist should know the difference between Frankenstein and his Monster (who remembers what Frankenstein looked like?) and take care not to be sexist (a lot of airline staff are stewards).
    Of course I agree with you about cabin crew attitudes but they often seem to be working flat-out these days, not much time to be charming. Perhaps we should face the fact that mass-market travel is never going to be a great experience.

  2. You have a point. I had thought I agreed with Michael's post but now I am not so sure

  3. At one stage I had flown with some 82 different international airlines (not counting charter airlines) and I have to say, my nicest memories are of the attention on the old BOAC. Followed by Air India. Staff were attractive, gracious and efficient and more than this, I owe my life to a BOAC pilot, who brought us round for a safe landing (although we shot down the escape chutes) on a terrible night when our VC10`s engines caught fire, when taking off from Singapore. When commenting on cabin staff, just never forget the guys (and girls) up front. In this case, some of the outstanding pilots are the PIA chaps flying the dangerous northern air routes, to towns tucked in remote valleys in the Karakorams.

  4. There can't be many like this anymore. Not sure I've flown any

  5. Couldn't read Michael's post,but the most important thing to me is that the staff are nice and experiences. Easyjet actually have pretty good staff. I like a member of cabin crew that's over 40, at least. Makes me feel safe.


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