Sunday, 27 September 2009

Winning Holidays and Travel

One way to travel to places you'd never normally go to is to win a trip. K. first got to Disney World by winning a contest in Harrods. I had a fantastic stay in Greece which I won in a writing competition. This great little film (click the link below) is the competition winner for F and his mates - it was run by Sony and the whole team got a one week unbelievable sounding all expenses paid trip to South Africa. I love it but strangely my favourite bits are probably the out-takes at the end because they capture the laid back feeling that the South Bank has in summer. Twitter video wins Kennington team an exotic fixture | News

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  1. I agree a great way to see new places

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  3. Agreed! Just think of the "Best Job in the World"!

    Ben Southall won quite a nice travel experience and quite possibly will travel for free for the rest of his life!

    In fact, I heard that National Geographic is airing a TV series in August about his "Best Job in the World". Should have some nice footage!


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