Friday, 28 August 2009

Which Station Most Desperately Needs Champagne?

I've just been reading "Hidden Europe" and come across a piece about travel lists. In the writer's opinion, we really don't need to know that St. Pancras is the world's best station in which to drink champagne. I do agree, if only because it's a bit naff to trot off and do what the PRs say and drink in Europe's so called "longest champagne bar" which they insist is there.

The writer's idea of listing the stations where you most NEED to drink champagne is a much better idea. She recommends Mlynary station in Poland for the No. 1 spot, where there is nothing to do in the ten hours between the train for Russia departing in the morning, and the train from Russia arriving in the evening.

My nomination is Queen's Road Peckham. At present, it would be a top nominee for "best London station in which to feel thoroughly spooked" Unstaffed, up a long flight of stairs, it has good graffiti views during the daytime and at night time- well... A friendly face and a glass of bubbly - or, in fact anything that isn't rather scary - would provide a most welcome accompaniment to waiting for the 10.02 to London Bridge.

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  1. Ha, ha! Don`t know Peckham, but for overseas stations, may I suggest Khartoum. You may wait days for yr connection (you would, of course need to smuggle in yr champagne).,


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