Friday, 17 July 2009

More Liberty of London

Someone's directed me to Liberty Online, where you can still buy Liberty fabrics. I'm very glad they're still doing them and hope even more that they sack their current store designer and reintroduce some Liberty style and atmosphere into their real-life shop.


  1. Whew. However being a tactile kinda person I want to see and touch stuff before I buy it.

  2. Not to sound like their salesperson - I promise I have no vested interest - but you can buy their fabrics (and loads of others) upstairs in the habedashery dept too.

  3. I would be interested in Liberty fabrics but where to find a good, reasonably priced dressmaker these days? Last time I had something made, I bought the material in Tooting Bec and took it out to Cochin (in Kerala) and had two pairs trousers made for total cost of £8. (Then there was the fare, ha,ha).


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