Wednesday, 10 June 2009

Cycling in Kent?

Have just had a good cycling week starting at Gravesend and working West. It was going to be longer but we just came back for a couple of days to wait for the weather to improve.

Not Made of Sugar

Er, no, before you ask, NOT made of sugar and WON'T melt. Cycling in bad weather can be very interesting, and I have often done it - but just not in June, thanks, given the choice.

I'm also immensely relieved that this has given me some time at home when I am officially "on holiday" and so not having to deal with the Carroll book, plus another book which is due to go to an acquisition meeting at a major publisher's and some magazine projects - including one in particular for a prestigious title that I've been trying for years to get into. I'm finding it all very scary and nerve racking specially since none of it is in the bag.

At times like this when there's hardly any money around, you can end up stressing out and working like mad, only to find at the end of the day you are not a penny better off and not a step further forward, because those holding the purse strings are making cuts.

Cancelling Commissioned Projects

Indeed, my agent says that some publishers are using small print in the contracts to cancel some already commissioned projects, because they can no longer be afforded. It's touch and go whether anything gets funded, at present, apart from celebrity stuff which seems to be recession-proof.

But then, the recession is hitting everyone in various ways, and I feel I am very lucky compared with many, particularly recent graduates and people with huge mortgages who have lost their jobs.

The other good news is that I've decided to take that French trip. It's only three days and sounds as if it will yield a nice little story.

Cycling in Kent!!!

Oh, yes, this post was going to be about cycling in Kent. Hm. I will sort out some pictures of Kent and post another blog entry very soon about THAT. It was a most interesting trip. It's wonderful what there is to see right on your own doorstep. And wonderful to be free of the kind of obsessing thoughts that you see above!


  1. Nothing like a few bonus days at home without work to help you realise the joys of life. Enjoy!

  2. As a writer I share your concerns about the present situation . WH Smith / Penguin is making it even more difficult for travel writers, since they have tied up a deal with all their airport outlets only to sell Penguin imprint travel guides. That means no Berlitz, Lonely Planet, Time Out, Michelin, Insight, Bradt, Frommers etc. and this is going to hit those publishers and writers even more. When the ship is sinking, you do find out who the rats are.


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