Sunday, 21 June 2009

Pebble Art in Kent

Who needs to go and see Andy Goldsworthy or Richard Long - at least in Kent? We found plenty of bits of art that anonymous people had created out of stuff they found lying around. Here are some made of pebbles.

Is this a claw, for instance, on the bleak seafront at Dymchurch?

Below left, a stone octopus or squid blends into the other stones on the beach, in a weird stormy yellow evening light.

Below right, a submarine disappears into pebbles in Dungeness.


  1. Love the sub.The claw appears to be that of an eight fingered creature...

  2. Or a rather badly drawn octopus

  3. Oh I love this "random" art - so much fun!

  4. A little like sand castle art. Something that will soon be washed away. But fun while it lasts


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