Tuesday, 19 May 2009

A Review of Little Quebb Self Catering Cottages. Herefordshire.


Well, I had a couple of days away - hurrah! I'll write a review in case you want to go to Herefordshire. After all, the Hay on Wye Festival is coming up very soon. Mind you, I've never been. A year or two ago they had Ken Dodd who gave a sell-out performance - make of that what you will...


The place is called Little Quebb Farm, and we had a weekend in one of the holiday cottages called The Granary. We were impressed. The farmhouse is built in black and white style (which is the way they do it in Herefordshire) and the oldest bit dates from the 14th century. The outhouses and barns - what are now the cottages - are mostly wood and brick and are spread around what used to be the farmyard but is now a nice garden with seats and flowers. There's also a bigger and more flowery garden to the back, also with seats and tables.

The owners, John and Alison O'Grady, moved from Winchester in order to raise some very happy pigs and hens, and seem to have been making a very thorough job of everything they do.


The cottages are like something out of "Country Living Magazine" with comfortable beds, good looking kitchens with good appliances (weirdly short of a few vital things, though, like a chopping board or salt cellar). When I asked for items they didn't have, Alison instantly provided it, so no doubt she will soon remember to check the salt cellars.

Our living room had two big sofas and windows facing East and West, so we got sunshine morning and evening - when there was any. We hit about the worst weather this year, but there were some fitful beams and I took the chance of grabbing some pics of the wisteria growing all over the door & shedding its blossoms over the inside of the cottage too.


There was a woodburning stove, with free logs, and good central heating too. There was a welcome gift of some of their own bacon and eggs, plus local milk, butter, bread and various other bits and pieces.


We didn't find many. The sound insulation between the cottages wasn't the best, but I did have to rather scratch my head to remember that. It wasn't that bad anyway.


The area, between Kington and Eardisley, is good for walking, and there are some interesting things locally, apart from Hay on Wye. We liked the Judge's Lodgings in nearby Presteigne. As Alison said, this courtroom and Victorian lodging looks a bit boring from the outside but everyone loves it when they actually try it. Exactly so, in our case, despite my initial scepticism.

Back at Little Quebb, we made a point of visiting the piggies before we went home. They are the most friendly and appealing animals, albeit muddy - they are kept well away from the house. To my surprise, they didn't smell.


So I'd have no hesitation in returning to Little Quebb, preferably when the weather is good. In fact, definitely when the weather is good.


  1. Okay Jenny so what does it cost? (By the way can you change this so I can post a comment under my name, it won't accept it). Thanks Andy

  2. Gazing at your blog piece from far-off Southern California, where summers are overheated and the hills dry brown, I enjoyed your tale of lush flowers, bad weather, and cozy couches. Ah, England . . . ! - Best, Jerry

  3. Thank you for this review. Little Quebb goes on our list of places to stay next time we visit England!


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