Wednesday, 27 May 2009

Arthur the Cat

Those Judge's Lodgings in Presteigne (mentioned in the review of Little Quebb, below) have been adopted as home by a large fat white cat called Arthur. Here's a picture of Arthur, and we thought he looked just a trifle strange. Not only because he is sitting in the dock, but because he has no ears. Or at least, none to speak of.
It turns out that being pure white, his skin is over sensitive to sun. But being a cat, he likes very warm places. His fondness for sunbathing gave him skin cancer, hence he lost his ears, which were not very well covered in fur. The vet says he'll be okay for the rest of his life now he's had them off.
Poor Arthur! But he is a pampered pet, really. The people who run the museum have a donations box specially for him, to ensure he gets the delicacies and care that he seems to feel is his due.

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  1. I used to know a very old cat who used to spend his time sitting on a table facing the wall. Turn out he was looking down the back of the radiator, presumably so the warm air rose onto his whiskers.

    I tried it, it's quite pleasant (despite not having whiskers myself)


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