Sunday, 24 May 2009

"My Favorite Place on Earth"

I'm told things are difficult in the travel writing biz in the USA - just like they are here. (I don't want to be discouraging to would-be travel writers, but even the pros are finding it hard to make much money at present).

So I was glad to see that an American travel writer friend, Jerry Camarillo Dunn, (I worked with him on ISLANDS magazine) has published a book MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH in which he asks well known people about the place they like best in the world.

He's done interesting interviews (in other words not just pics and a couple of lines of captions) yet because of the celeb factor the book has been featured in People Weekly and Entertainment Weekly.

In these hard times there HAVE be some more good ideas like this around. It comes down to the old thing of finding an angle.


  1. Thanks for shining a light on MY FAVORITE PLACE ON EARTH, Jenny!

    If blog readers want to see the book's roster - which ranges from the Dalai Lama to Will Ferrell to Jane Goodall - or read an excerpt (currently Natalie Portman), please head for

    Your friend,

  2. Jenny, great to find your blog. I came over from the Independent Publishers' group on Facebook (my username over there is Sandrine - the protagonist of my last novel). I particularly loved your Little Quebb piece.


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