Monday, 6 April 2009

Interesting Ways of Getting Paid to Travel (1)

Persuading someone to pay you to write a book or an article is getting more difficult every day. But Matt Harding has found a smart way of getting paid to travel. He's persuaded the good folks of Stride Gum to pay him to dance around the world. The selling point of their gum is how long-lasting it is. So long-lasting that you don't need to buy another packet.

Seems a bit of a funny marketing strategy for gum, if you ask me. But anyway, Matt has been filmed doing his strange hoppy little dance in all kinds of amazing locations, as he dances on and on around the world without ever having to change his stick of gum. (I assume he has someone travelling with him to hold the camera.)

In his his latest series he has got local people in doing strange hoppy dances too, in mini "happenings" all round the globe.

These seem to be really popular. Lots of people love watching his videos. But for real dancing "happenings," I think it's hard to beat this one in Antwerp's central station - professionally choreographed I'd say.

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  1. That's such a funny idea! Especially, as you say, if they shoot themselves in the foot and no-one buys any more :)


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