Friday, 27 March 2009

The Old Vicarage Bed and Breakfast, Vowchurch - and TripAdvisor

I like to recommend good places if I can. One such is a b&b at Vowchurch, Herefordshire. It's called The Old Vicarage. Very friendly and generous -books, toys, games, extra teas, coffees, herb teas, toiletries, and lots of choice at breakfast. They patronise local food businesses and make their own unusual jams. I bought some hedgerow jelly, made of sloes, blackberries, rose-hips, elderberries and other gleanings from the hedges.

They're popular with fans of Elinor Brent Dyer and Lewis Carroll fans. Dyer wrote the Chalet School books, and was devoted to Vowchurch, and Lewis Carroll's brother was the vicar in Vowchurch and lived in the rectory.

There's a need for a site giving honest reviews of b&bs along the lines of Tripadvisor's a useful site but it's not much good for rural b&bs because their format is very place-specific and doesn't give a sense of what else is in the area. So, no doubt this place is rated #1 in Vowchurch - but what's in Vowchurch?


  1. Cor jam made of sloes, not sure Id@ like to try that. Dontforget to post what you think after youvetried it..

  2. The JELLY is brilliant. Not just sloes but all the other goodies from the hedgerow.


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