Thursday, 12 March 2009

Horsies and Other Press Events

It's frustrating getting invited to fun events and not being able to go. I've just turned down the chance of a day in the Windsor Racecourse's grandstand hospitality suite. There is a complimentary bar, a three-course buffet lunch, a club enclosure badge and a racecard. And of course the chance to watch lots of horsies racing. But I won't get any of it, because I have committed to do something less interesting on that day. Grrr!

Why Press Events?

The purpose of such events is to fix a destination in the writer's mind, and hopefully give them an article idea or two.

Often, I have to say, it doesn't work - but in this case, I'm happy to mention Tourism South East, the sponsors of this event. I may be missing out on the races, but I love S.E. England and this consortium is taking a positive attitude to recession, with a very good section on their site about bargains

Despite all this, my experience has been that people are snapping up good local accomodation and attractions even without the special offers. Quality winning through, perhaps? I hope so.

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  1. Never mind the south east, i have been trying to rent a cottage in wales fornext week and all the good ones seem to be full up in the area where Iwant to go, even though it is not the school holidays and way out of season If this is anythingto go by then domestic tourism must be doing pretty well and does not need a plug!.


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