Saturday, 7 March 2009

Travel Writers' Personal Recommendations

All travel writers have their special places that deserve more publicity because they are fun, or beautiful, or offer 110 percent. With the best will in the world, it's not always possible to highlight these in an article, so the BGTW has decided to allocate a little spot on their front page to spotlight members' recommendations.

It's personal: just a place, attraction or building which the writer themselves has found and loved. As it is on a public page of the site, it will also offer a spot of publicity to the featured attraction. It's no good PR companies offering freebies in order to get on the site, as the section is moderated by Tim Locke who can spot bullsh*tting at a thousand paces.

My places include Altas Quintas vineyards, in Portugal. If ever I saw a place determined to do the job properly, it's here. Fascinating place to tour, but the Alentejo has not been particularly known for its fine wines in the past they're going to have a job breaking in to the fine wines market.

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  1. That Echium looks like a bird's head about to dabble in the sea.

    I'll try and remember this site if I go anywhere I'd like to recommend.


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