Friday, 20 February 2009

The Good, the Bad and the Indigestible

I'm writing a magazine story about Suffolk, one of my favourite English counties.

A pleasure of doing this kind of work is getting the chance to boost places that deserve it. (It is not always possible to do this within the constraints of the article - and won't be in this case. So let me just pause here to mention a couple of great Suffolk teashops "Weavers" in Peasenhall and the Bridge Nursery in Dunwich.)

I don't usually like doing this the other way round and naming the disasters. It's so easy to get places on a bad day and I'd feel awful if I damaged someone's business because of a one-off event.

Sometimes it's tempting, though. I sometimes think of the immensely posh hotel in South Africa where all my costume jewellery disappeared while my room was being made up (and the hotel refused to investigate).

Or the pretentious restaurant in Louisiana which served meat with both gravy and strawberry coulis - a truly disgusting combination that I still feel quite ill to think about.

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